Humans have an innate need to dominate

Seems to me all man-made institutions … governments , religions etc are the fruit of our “nature” … our innate characteristics.

One of our innate characteristics is our need to dominate … individual and collective. Likely resulting from our preference to survive.

History is replete with manifestations of this innate characteristic … the popularity and sheer size of the Olympic events also point to this.

The difference today is only the scope of dominance … we have progressed to a global arena … facilitated largely by technology.

Communication has always been perhaps the most significant barrier … in both increasing and retaining control/power … with inadequate communication being the downfall of most empires.

Today we have overcome so many earlier barriers regarding communication … speed, distance, language etc … enabling instantaneous mass communications to virtually everyone on the planet.

The stage is set for the players in this next round of this ageless game(global supremacy) … I don’t see the players as nation states … simply a handful of very small groups of people.

Males dominate certain domains.

Females dominate certain domains.

Don’t forget to cite who is dominating what!

:laughing: Are you stuck on gender seperation RU? There has to be more than that running around in your head, I know, i have had a couple of very good discussions with you… Are you in a sexual rut? :wink:


But regardless, I enjoy seeing how the history of male-female interaction has played out through history–who has controlled what and why. I want to figure out how to raise my kids (IF I have any) as ideal “males” or “females”. It’s difficult to think about.

That is a valid reason and the first time I have heard it. My simple suggestion is just to encourage their inclinations. Watch your kids and see where their abilities, dreams and inclinations lie. I love mechanics, I enjoy engineering, but, I was raised to be the ideal wifeypoo. Until my dad took over my raising( I was14) that is. He saw my interests and tried to encourage them. Do not fall into the trap of boys get trucks and girls get dolls. If My mom was not so damn stuck on me being a wife and mother I may have been more likely to have had a career in engineering. As it was I gave up any thoughts of it in order to have my son and raise him… I don’t regret it, I have had a wonderful life. But, because of gender bias, I did have a choice removed from me in a way because, I felt obligated in the beginning of my son’s life.

Do not let that happen to either a boy or a girl. If a son wants to be a clothes designer or an interior decorator or a nurse or a teacher, dear gods, encourage him… its better that way, for his sake, his future.

The problem is, children don’t have inclinations. Everything is learned…

And besides, maybe boys should get trucks and maybe girls should get dolls. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Kids have no inclinations? :astonished: You are kidding right? Who fed you that line and got you to swallow it?

What point? That a man should only do manly things and a woman should do only womanly things? If this is done all would be right with the world? Please dear gods, tell me you don’t believe that tripe ,tell me that you are just feeling ornery. [-o<

What?! #-o

You just debunked Evolution Theory?

Bravo!!! =D>

Tell me, is your love of ice-cream learned?
How about your species identity?
Heterosexuality is learned?

I would say the symbolisms of inclinations are learned, but here too we can find natural reasons why certain symbols are identified with certain concepts or identifications.

In terms of relation, yes.

I’m not debunking evolution–on the contrary, I’m reinforcing it.

You said this…

Everything is learned?

In other words nothing from the past shapes your thoughts, you are a total product of reasoning, right?
This would fit into the coming Age of Reason idealism.

Man as a product of nurturing, while nature (the sum of all past nurturing) is insignificant?

I posted a link in the Feminization of Man thread.

Nature is insignificant? Great!

What the hell are you doing by making “I can be king” threads then?

Evolution enhances the clarity of our insignificance.