What do you hunt with?

  • Firearm
  • Bow
  • Both
  • I don’t hunt
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[b]Anybody here hunt besides me? If so, do you use a firearm or bow (please specify model/make)?

What species have you hunted?[/b]

:wink: Me:

  1. .270 caliber Weatherby Mag. (Mark 5 sporter), and top-notch Leupold scope.

  2. Whitetail deer

I often love to get my shotgun, go out and buy a barrel of live fish, and then fire a few rounds into it.

Ever try rabbit hunting with dynamite? Good stuff.

…but people hunting is my favorite. Nothing better than renting a mentally challenged kid and telling him that if he can beat me in a race, he gets two helpings of chochy pie after dinner. Slap the drool factory in the buttocks, send him on his way and fire a few rounds into the failure of Darwinism before he knocks up the 16 year old mentally retarded girl down the street and actually…procreates.

Wow, that’s just about THE MOST offenisve thing I could have written. I’m proud.

I used to hunt all the time. I’ve got a lifetime sportsman license and can hunt or trap small and big game anywhere in the state of N.C.

I’ve hunted deer, turkey, dove, quail, rabbit, and squirrel. Fished a lot too.

A shotgun suffices for most of the small game, a rifle 30/30 lever action was used for hunting deer. I’ve used a compound bow as well.

I don’t hunt anymore, and do not eat red meat. Eventually I will become a complete vegetarian, or begin hunting again and harvest my own meat.

white tail deer is not a species. It’s a common name. …it’s PART of a species, but it is not the species.

A white tailed deer is from the genus Odocoileus and the speices would be virginianus

haha sorry to get all technical bmw…i just thought it was funny.

hunting is sick and wrong. you should be ashamed.

hmm, that’s probably offensive isn’t it. nothing personal intended (in which case i know i shouldn’t call it 'sick and wrong), but i really don’t agree with killing animals for fun.

you kill animals to eat. not ONLY for fun. Hunting does have some good to it too…for example, it controls the animal population. If you get to much of one animal, it can cause a decrease in another animal. Hunting helps to regulate this.

culling helps to regulate this. we have a royal park down the road from my house, and they cull the deer twice a year. i have no problem with this - i know that it is needed to keep the population under control. i just don’t see the point in shooting animals for fun. i think it’s just as bad as fox hunting (which i think is barbaric).

You, like everyone else, are entitled to your own opinion–so, if you hate hunting, I respect that.

It is nice, though, to see that several members on ILP are hunters. I posted this thread once on my old forum–approx. 32 out of 35 members who responded strongly opposed hunting. I’m glad that there are at least a few here who hunt.:wink:

Very true, just for some reason, that feeling you get when you violently take a life from an animal, it release so many chemicals in your head and they all give you pure joy. I guess it was meant to be.

Ive never hunted though :frowning: Ive only seen hunting shows.

endorphins, right? :confused: :confused:

Now I will agree that the traditional-method of Fox hunting is not humane or ethical. I would never hunt a fox in that manner.:wink:

what is culling?

Yes endorphins would be a word you might choose to describe it. By saying chemicals it leaves more for the imagination of the reader to define. Less science could be a more interesting read.

You who call yourselves, ‘hunters,’ you never hunted in your life!

You merely, ‘sported.’


What you said was not offensive at all. It was perfect irony!

What are you talking about? I’ve hunted several times. :confused: :wink:

In your dreams! :wink:

No, actually I go deer hunting each year–I’ve killed a deer a year so far.:wink:

What, are you boasting now, or what?

rafa that was fuckkkked up… (but hilarious) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

no, i don’t hunt… i stay away from guns and knives and death when i can help it. though awhile back my neighborhood was being taken over by huge crows and i contemplated conducting a crow-holocaust. i would have used a bb gun though, if i had actually gone through with it! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: