hunting is the best sport and outdoor activitie. while many stupid liberals out there say that it is a cruel sport and causes animal hardship. same with fishing it is a sport that creates friendships with other people not a fish concentration camp.

Hunting is not the best outdoor activity. Quite simply, we all know that the best outdoor activity AND sport is ‘Flashlight Tag

While I may not agree that all hunting is cruel, I would have to say that in some cases it does result in unneccessary animal hardship. Well… Aren’t dying, being stuffed, and then mounted on the wall classified as hardships?

Also, I’m curious about these stupid liberals blathering about fish concentration camps.

Hunting is a great sport for multiple reasons. 1 it requires pacteince 2 it requires skill (one cant just run around in the woods and shoot randomly) 3 the food from the animals killed tastes better than store bought food. 4 It is a regulation of the wild life.
Really animals without predators would overpopulate, overeat, and then starve. Starving is alot worse than a quick painless shoot (depending on the shooter) You might say that we should reinstate predator, 2 things, 1 for the animals to be regulated enough for a balance wolves, bears, cyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and foxes would have to be introduced in large numbers because first they would kill each other for territory and second they fail to kill 65 percent of the time. I say that getting eaten alive is far worse than being shoot. 2 all those predators would attack not only the animals but your livestock (they would attack the livstock more often than the wild animals because the livestock are stupid and defenseless.) and the predators would attack you and your family hence the reason we eradicated them in the first place. just imagine a bear and a wolf in your home attacking you while you slept.

I agree completely. The regulation of wildlife is a daunting task which current initiatives are far from capable of handling. In order to provide for the maintenance of multiple predatorial species, wildlife agencies would have to be expanded anywhere from 1200-4000%. Aside from simple economics, people really DONT want to see large predators around their homes. At a national park bears and wolves are extremely interesting, in ones backyard they are simply a threat. In the past 20 years, the area in which I live has stressed not killing does. This is largely because does being more common and also first to emerge from cover made for easy targets to a well disciplened hunter(human or otherwise). The legislation against killing does was not too heavily disputed, if for no other reason than many hunters like to mount a heavy rack on their wall. However, within the last 5 or so years, the number of does per buck has risen so high there are now detrimental effects being felt. To put it one way, the bucks are pimps. All of them. Even weak specimens are now able to pass on their genes due to lack of competition. Because of this the legislation has been repealed to allow for the control of the population. In other words, hunting provides a simple and enjoyable way of regulating wildlife poplulations. As for how the animal feels, well a good shot wont give the animal but a few seconds to feel anything now will it? :slight_smile:

could that be because we’ve killed off all the natural predators in the early days (cougars, bobcats, wolves etc)?

now we have a situation where if we don’t step in and control the population it will became overpopulated. Hunting is not the greatest sport, it’s a joke. you go out there with a high powered rifle and from 500 meters away you shoot a creature that can feel pain just like you, what if a uber human decided he had to hunt us sub humans, to control the population, and from 5 miles away shot you with a laser gun. How would that make you feel?

Now I’m not a vegan I’d have a hard time giving up meat, but I don’t kid myself that the animals need to be killed to entertain my perverted need to kill something.

Yeah for shooting things, the concept of hunting is one of the greatest things that ever was. It satisfies many needs; it satisfies a need for violence because well it is violent sometimes (at least butchering), it does promote male bonding, it makes someone feel accomplished, and it provides a challenge both mentally and physically. Still flashlight tag is the most kickass game that was ever invented for the outdoors.

I would like to address the to arguments scythekain introduced, the unfairness of shooting an animal at 500 meters with a rifle, and the feelings we would get if hunted by the uberhumans.
First to assume we all hunt with such high power rifles as to achieve accuracy at 500 meters is lunacy. Most of that type tend to be BIG. As in, lets break my back as I wander through the woods climbing up trees BIG. In fact not all hunters use rifles, my own family typically hunt with a bow, even against large animals like bear. As I see it the meat they provide would otherwise come from a livestock animal just as mercilessly killed.
Also the talk of uberhumans implies that the animals too think and rationalize as we do. Many experiments have shown several animals to be if not satient, at least fairly intelligent. Never, however, are any of the animals commonly hunted listed as being intelligent, capable of feeling the same emotions we commonly feel. I realize this is forcing our own standards and beliefs onto a seperate species however the point is still valid.
I’m really not a blood thirsty crazed man who goes home and beats his wife because it gives him a sick kind of pleasure. I just participate in a sport which is for some a matter of life and death. So is being a cattle farmer, the cattle farmer is just alot more sceptic about it. If I want to have fun while harvesting, well then, I’m going to have fun.

I believe hunting is fine as long as it has strict limits and control. We need to consider the wildlife population that is being lost due to our human activities. Hunting are one of these human activities. We have to recognize that animals also feel pain, have “families”, etc In these days, hunting by humans operates perversely. It shouldn’t be taken as a “sport” and certainly inhumane/cruel methods shouldn’t be used. It is about product v. process. For instance, I would NEVER! eat an animal that has been caught by leg traps that could of possibly been suffering for days in the night and day bleeding to death. I still can’t believe that they administer such process/methods in the MidWestern regions of the United States. I also think hunter shouldn’t hunt for nonnative species, and hopefully “conservation zones.” People seem to think that hunting should only be considered a sport. I do not find it a sport. It could be done, but it should be done to eat, because some people require/need meat.

The mammal kingdom seems to be almost along the lines within the human kingdom. By contrast, the mammal kingdom does have understanding of reality by learning from their perceptions—they know humans are “threats” as well…:wink:

Though i personally don’t hunt, i don’t see the hunting of animals for food as wrong. Overpopulation of the animals kills them anyway and in many areas if left unchecked the animals will just starve or cause harm to humans. Healthy people eat meat and it has to come from somewhere, even if it’s domesticated and raised on farms. Hunting animals for pure sport is just a way of overcompensating for your own inadequacies by asserting power over something weaker than you. :angry:

I have no problem with hunting humans though. At least we can fight back. In fact that would be an excellent method of dealing with prison overcrowding. If televised it’d surely bring in high ratings. I’m sure FOX would jump at that. If aliens invaded and tried to snuff us out then heck yeah i’d pick up a gun. All those rap CDs would finally pay off if the skillfull marksmanship of our planet’s youth saved the Earth from the evil Krylocks of Meldor 7. Only the dominate species deserves this fine planet we live on. :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Whatever you say, hazah :laughing:

This is a common misconception. When hunters talk about shooting overpopulated animals, they are usually referring to white-tailed deer, representing only 3 percent of all the animals killed by hunters, as a fine example. Sport Hunters kill doves, squirrels, waterfowl, etc :cry:

In some parts of Florida and Australia (i believe) the gator population has to be kept in check to protect the human population. I don’t claim to be an expert but heck even i know about mandatory hunting and early season openings when the animal population gets too thick. In some regions conservation has backfired and animals have gotten out of control.

Man my trigger finger is just itchin for some Krylock huntin!

Err… maybe some of ya’ll don’t know this but the animals Aquarian listed (squirrels, doves, waterfowl) are edible. In fact I rather like pheasant when I can get it. Squirrels not the best of foods but it is passable. Doves, I have never eaten myself, there aren’t any where I live, are supposedly extremely tender. I don’t understand why Aquarian would imply that small animals are killed for the fun of it, they give meat just like the bigger animals, just not much of it. (Yes I know little boys with BB guns go out and shoot squirrels all day long. They aren’t hunting, just ‘plinking’, on soft targets.)

Hunting is a barbaric SPORT which unnintelligent people take pleasure in. In the UK animals are bread and reared specifically for this purpose (eg pheasants), they are then released for paying murderers to get a quick thrill. Fox hunting, in particular, is an example of one type of hunting where the hunters do not require the meat of the hunted. It is done purely for sport - and that is sick. Very rarely, in this country, do people hunt for the meat. I can’t see, really, how people agree with such barbaric practises. Humans see themselves as superior to non human animals, and I think the statistics on violent crime show that this is a slippery slope to be on. We should respect all life enough to not take it so easily, purely for the thrill.

I harvested another doe yesterday…


Silvertabby, what you stated was horribly generalistic. Yes, some hunters hunt simulated quarry. I don’t condone this. To me its pointless to pen an animal, let it go, then hunt it down. Better to kill it while it’s still penned. However, the vast majority of hunters, in the UK and abroad, hunt wild game. Its expensive to maintain the animals for sport, only wealthy desk jockeys of the big corporations frequently participate in the practice. The idea that most British hunt only for sport is offensive. As only a half Brit, I still have a strong sense of British culture. Despite the mass exodus of the people to the cities, many Britons still live in the green knolls where deer, birds, and even the occasional boar run free. All of these provide excellent meat and are frequently enjoyed by the common man. Perhaps you live in one of those Utopian cities, full of smog, traffic, and worst of all people. If so, I apologize, society has crafted you into a gun hating extremist. Finally the statistics on human crime are terrible but consider this, the fox they set free would eat the average of one cute fuzzy rabbit every other day. Now who’s the cold hearted murderer?

I really have no idea how you can be offended by my accurate statement about hunting being a sport. Fox hunting can be called nothing else - can it? I know when I am in Italy, what you say about shooting and eating the animals is true (although this is only my knowledge of a few distant murdering relatives). All over the world people get pleasure from inflicting pain on animals. Well woopee the big bad man with a gun can kill a little defenceless rabbit, or bird, or person. Must be a hard man then…

oops that said if you obviously can’t afford to buy food, or clothes, then I fully understand why you would have to resort to hunting. The truth is that we do not live in the days when the man would go out and catch the food, to bring back to his self built log cabin. Hunting, like marriage, is an outdated tradition.

there is no valuable argument in favor of hunting, save perhaps the ‘sportive’ one, people getting some fresh air, but certainly no real economical or ecological one
but is that worth the downsides?
-dangerous: not everyone who can hunt can actually weild a gun good enough to keep it safe, i bet there’s plenty of accidents with hunting, tho this isn’t a great argument from my part, since i don’t have any numbers on it
-killing life: i think this is quite self-evident, life’s a miracle, ending it for fun is just plain immoral. there’s enough pain in this world, so you don’t have to make any extra suffer. you may say one animal is irrelevant compared to the world, but i bet it’s quite relevant to the animal
-endangered species: i don’t think hunting is the main problem here.
poaching (do i spell that correctly?) for economical gain, is a far larger problem, because of the scale and the lack of control

The point I repeatedly make, one which seems to be repeatedly ignored, is that some hunting is bad. But not ALL hunting. By the way Silver, fox hunting which IS outdated, pointless, and amoral, once served to control the fox popluation from raiding the chicken coops. But deer hunting is not outdated, serves a purpose, and is moral. A deer will one day die, this is a given. It might die by being attacked by carnivorous animal. It could possibly suffer from overpopulation and a lack of food sources. It could run out in front of your car and get slammed 15 feet off the road, where it will die from massive internal bleeding. Or I could shoot it. Of all the mentioned possibilities, the last makes the deer suffer the least.

Dangerous: At least where I live, all hunters have to pass a hunter safety course, which teaches the gun operation, handling, maintenenance, etc. before they can get a hunting license. Recently somebody shot a couple of other hunters, but that looks to be an issue where you don’t insult an armed man in a tree stand.

Killing Life: I must now assume willem is a vegetarian. Otherwise I expect him to account for the cows, pigs, fish, chickens, etc. that go towards sating his carnivorous/omnivorous appetite. Listen, animals die. People die. Animals however die often, and with little consequence.

Endangered Species: Your’e right, willem, hunting isn’t the problem here. Poachers go after endangered species in order to make a profit.

Once again I want to say, hunting in the vast majority is ethical. I do not condone the hunting endangered species, animals born and bred onsite to be released and hunted down, and I dont take pleasure in their pain. I have never seen an animal noticably suffer. Actually I take that back, I have never seen an animal that has been shot suffer. There was one with an injured leg we harvested once, its time was coming anyways. Hunting is a sport. Its also a means of supplying food for the table. I can get all the meat my family needs for a year by firing less than ten dollars in bullets. Thats why we do it.

The point is Simple, you will one day die, this is a given. You could be attacked by a crazed psychopath or be run over by a car and “slammed 15 feet off the road” or I could shoot you, that being the least painful option.