Hurt Feelings!

Hey, it doesn’t take a doctorate to recognize hurt feelings when you see 'em! It seems that the Dunamis transmogrification has bruised, it seems shocked, and disappointed many. Harsh words have been exchanged even!

Well, I’m interested in having everyone express what exactly there experience with the paradigm shift has been. Now, please remember to use “I” statements during the discussion. That means that you can’t say “he did this” and “he did that” rather it’s important to say “I think this” or “I feel that,” because we don’t want to have a lot of negativity directed at one person. The thread is not about that.

The thread is about what happens with internet personas and how they affect others.

One problem with this topic is that I’m asking you to go out on a limb and express yourself about yourself. Be brave and try it.

lol ilovephilosophy self help.

You could look at it like that, but I am looking to be able to read the whole thread and find commonalities about our desire to communicate with identities. (everyone try to forget that you just read that)

I wish psyque had just read this. Hmm, yeah, that’d be an interesting and long thread indeed.

I feel a bit stupid in Dunamis’ presence. I want to BLAME him, but I also know it’s probably my own fault: me making myself feel stupid, or me actually being stupid. But then I think Dunamis is smart enough to avoid people making themselves feel stupid, being so into Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu. So I think, he’s GOTTA know HE makes people feel stupid in the end. It’s a subtle thing, and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow less subtle. I take some credit for the fact that he’s now simply saying “you are an idiot” directly to many of us…something I feel he’s been saying all along in his sub-sensory wreak of balance and openness.

I think that’s progress.

Maybe he’ll tell friends and relatives they’re stupid in time for Thanksgiving. It’s so much shorter than his ingeniously hollow paradigm-shift readings and it’s ultimately the same message.

Imagine the people in his wake who must think they’re stupid because of him? Wow.

He’s now opened up a little and it’s a good thing. Dunamis is my favorite poster. But so was whitelotus, so what does that say? I live for this kind of drama. It’s much more entertaining than philosophy itself, but that’s just me.

immortal words:

[size=200]Stupid is as stupid does.[/size]


For a while I suspected that Dunamis was one of my former Philosophy professors, because his more serious posts read very much like Dr. N. Dr.N was one of the smartest people I had ever met, and my all time favorite prof.

That he didn’t suffer fools gladly was an understatement.

The first day of semester, the moment he walked in the room,he ordered everyone who wasn’t registered in his class to “leave right now without speaking or making too much noise”. Then he gave a speech about how we were all sheeple idiots who probably got most of our insights from “Oprah” and that if we thought he was intimidating, it just meant he was doing his job.He told everyone to buy a dictionary because he wasn’t dumbing down his language for “the likes of you people”.

I like Dr. N, and Dunamis has far more tact than Dr. N usually demonstrated,so of course I like Dunamis.

Accept the gifts or talents of others with gratitude.

Who has the right to demand that Dunamis use all of his acumen to answer your particular question? Maybe he just doesn’t feel like it. This is his right as a free man…to respond to whomever he chooses however he chooses for whatever reason he chooses.

Does this diminish the cerebral quality of any one of his more serious posts? Of course not…talk about the true definition of the Ad Hominem fallacy everyone throws around so lightly. :unamused:

Yeah, Dunamis had some nice, thoughtful posts…and some that fell apart like a crumbly cookie…and you had to have the patience to pick each crumb out of the burbur to ever digest it in its entirety. And that’s what I’d say about a lot of the “greats” that I’ve attempted to suffer through. My anger toward Dunamis is more my anger toward the world, or a certain highly demanding aspect of the world. But not just demanding; sometimes needlessly demanding, or demanding in the wrong ways. THAT’S WHY AM GLAD HE’S POSTING IN MUNDANE BABBLE on some level.

This is simply to post in a manner consistent with Adlerian’s request in starting this thread. Please do not take this as an opportunity to judge me…I do enough of that on my own.

Do I think Dunamis did anything remotely wrong…ever, EVER? Of course not. Dunamis, as far as I can tell, is a paragon of a man. he’s good natured and generous unless you fuck with him. In real life I am so much like him in tone and manner. When I attack Dunamis I attack aspects of myself that I’m curious about, and affirm aspects of myself that might be lacking in the real world. A sense of irreverence…a thicket of intelligent nonsense, freeing the inner child, and watching him play with an elite cultural lexicon…a philosophical lexicon, even better. I wish I could pull my mask aside long enough to wish Dunamis happiness and gratitude, with a measure of sincerity…but I’m above all that. BUT IT’S GOOD TO SEE HE’S LETTING HIS HAIR DOWN A LITTLE BEFORE HE MOVES ON. BEFORE I MOVE ON. Not that he ever really needed to – he had me at hello – but why the fuck not, y’know? Life’s to short.

Forget about Dunamis, or just appreciate him for whatever contributions he sees fit to make here at ILP.

But please stop talking about him, it’s like a fan club wondering why their favourite band has gone all metal-hiphop crossover…

This reminds me of the ‘we love detrop’ phase circa 2004. Oh happy times…

I’ll talk about whatever the fuck it is I want to talk about, especially when it’s relevant to a thread. I may have missed out on the gratuitous Dunamis talk in the past few days, and I don’t fault you for thinking it’s gratuitous, but don’t ever fucking tell me what to do. How dare you minimize or invalidate my decision to convey my feelings, especially since they are as much about me as they are about anyone else. If it bores you, or you find it tiresome because you’re oh so correct and cutting edge then go the fuck elsewhere and conduct your important ass business…as if there’s anything more important than Dunamis or my thoughts about him…please.

Is there anything more tiresome then that whole “hey, let’s all not talk about blah blah…” thing? My god, are you one of those invalidators? My I’ve learned quite a bit about you. Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s smother me. Let’s muffle my “small talk.” I should be incarcerated for thinking my small talk is important. Applause! Just because you have chubby lips doesn’t make what comes out of them any more true. Grow your beard back, like Samson it carries your intellect.

Right this is not the time to pretend that you don’t care or to pressure others into saying as much. Rather, this is an exploration about modern communication and relationships. Saying who cares or what’s the big deal might be important for you, but try to keep the “us” out of it and just focus on the “me” and “I” of it all.

This could almost be a study if you guys can display Gamer’s honest attitude.

Seriously, Dun isn’t as smart as you guys think

I don’t know why I even wrote this post…

So, in other words ‘let’s not talk about this whole “let’s not talking about Dunamis” thing’?

How hilarious that in condemning my response you become a total hypocrite. What’s that on your face? Is is egg? It’s all dribbly and raw…

If you want the old Dunamis back then stop writing on threads like this. I would have though someone of your intelligence would understand this but apparently not…

‘honest’ - If honesty is condemning someone else for something I myself am doing then I’ll still to lying my ass off…

Another bad post on your part.

“But please stop talking about him, it’s like a fan club wondering why their favourite band has gone all metal-hiphop crossover…”

You are commanding us to not talk about it with an attempt to make it sound foolish to do so. So, suggesting that Gamer was trying to cut your self-expression off is an attempt to distort the truth. Wrong! Bad post.

Meanwhile, I have explained the validity of this thread and that’s more than is usually done. Please think about what you post.

Hello F(r)iends,

Seriously, you are not as smart as you think you are, Gobbo.

I know why I wrote this post…

I don’t think I am altogether smart… I may even be less than that.


SIATD…I’m just staying on topic. I’m allowed to request you to stay on topic. The goal is NOT to make Dunamis stay. It’s not my intention to play whatever card will manipulate him into staying. I prefer he stay, but not if I have to alter my conduct in the slightest. Not worth it.

Shitty deal

Yes I am

Hello F(r)iends,

No, not at all.

No, you are not.