How does social morality exist in a world of social hypocrisy and contradiction?

How does social contradiction and hypocrisy exist in a world of so called social morality?

Does not social contradiction and hypocrisy cancel out social morality from ever existing at all?

Does not social contradiction and hypocrisy put social morality into negation?

I think most people consider hypocrisy to be a perversion of morality - the bad guy disguised as the good guy.

Is it a perversion or is it a side effect of morality?

What came first, hypocrisy or morality?

Just maybe morality doesn’t exist at all but instead we are left with only social illusions.

Just perhaps there is no such thing as a good guy beyond fable.

Perhaps all we have is just people using public morality as a form of mental coercion to get what they want as a sort of psychological warfare which still leaves us with hypocrisy.

What is hypocrisy as a word beyond being a logical fallacy in observance of social interactions?

If hypocrisy is a observance of logical fallacy in observance of social interactions, wouldn’t we come to the conclusion that morality’s existence is a logically fallacious one?


I can see it both ways. Can’t a perversion be a side effect?

I don’t see how you can have moral hypocrisy without a conception of moral integrity or genuineness.

Perhaps it is not a side effect but is ingrained.

You assume that there is a definate model of existence that defines such things. A blind assumption.

Isn’t it just possible that morality is nothing more than a belief? Isn’t it possible that it is make-believe?

Where did I assume that?

Since we only percieve dualisms, and monism is what’s really true, everything seems like a contradiction even though it might not be.

You assume moral intergrity or genuineness exists independent of humans and that somehow humans can be measured under it.

But since there is no way humans can have any absolute knowledge of duality contradiction is a inevitable result where most likely the belief being called to question doesn’t exist beyond the blind delusions of one embracing it believing it to be true.

Where did I do that?

It’s not enough that a person believes in morality or ethics for themselves but that they believe everyone else ought to behave in the same manner.

This requires that such descriptions be independent of humans in a manner that is unknowably.

Why do you assume that?

I’ve never met a so called moral or ethical person who didn’t believe that everybody else ought to behave in manner like themelves.

In order to come up with such a conclusion the moralist or ethical thinker must believe that what they embrace is independent of themselves in order to generalize everybody beyond themselves.

If you believe I’m in error please show me.

I try to live according to moral standards, and I don’t think everybody else ought to behave the same way I do. I don’t believe morality is objective. These notions of mine are an exception to your generalization, thus you are in error.

That’s fine. I must of misunderstood you.

However just so you know the public morality and ethics of societies like to think of their beliefs as being objective.

( They make believe and pretend that they are anyways through acting.)

I was just testing you to see where your beliefs lie. So many people get them confused these days.

In world of hypocrites where everybody from one degree to another is a hypocrite, how can one achieve to have moral or ethical knowledge? ( Everybody lies one degree to another.) ( Noone is pure or innocent.)

( Purity and innocence doesn’t exist.)

If we were all saints, we wouldn’t need morality to begin with.

I used to think everybody was a hypocrite. At some point as I got older I realized that I kind of overdid that judgement. People just can’t live up to the standards they set for themselves.

Why do we need morality? Let’s reduce it to it’s most basic functions.

I honestly do believe all people are hypocrites in that people are incapable of living beyond contradictions.

If all people aren’t hypocrites, what are they?

If people are incapable of living to the standards they create for themselves, why create them in the first place?