Hypotheticaly, What is God's Plan For Aliens?

My question is, hypothetically, if aliens exist, what is God’s plans for them? What would you hypothesize?

Is there a Jesus for every world?

No, we probably have to put missionaries onto space ships and take 'em some of our Jesus.

Biblical God would be affraid of the more advanced aliens if he knew about them, as they are more powerful then him but they are also non-violant and their paradigms are not the sort of foolish, judgmental, compeditive, barbaric absurdity that we see on earth.

I reckon God’s plan for Alpha Centaurians would be similar in one respect to God’s plan for dogs and dinosaurs-

It's none of our business. What we have to go on, the Scriptures, seem to deal with spirituality purely for humans.  I would say that if God created other intelligent beings (and other beings at all), then He created them to exist in some proper relationship to Himself. But, without knowing anything about these hypothetical beings, it would be impossible to say if their role is at all similar to our own. 
 I think the whole Jesus affair was a particular solution to a particular problem, so there's no need for there to be a Jesus on another world- unless, for some particular reason, there is.

Dan, do you have proof for any of your sightings? I can go on with endless stories about people who claim to have seen Jesus, or a form of Jesus who spoke to them, but you wouldn’t believe it and you’d ask me for better proof. Why should I take anything you say seriously? It’s astral Projection, if it was a reliable source it would be able to advance our society greatly and change much, not to mention it would be talked about and told to be practiced more, but it’s not. Maybe you’ve changed your view of God from it being foolish, after saying speaking to God is foolish, because you claim you’ve actually seen aliens, angels, and God.

Mormons would tell you so.

Now don’t be stingy, send some of the others too, variety is always good. We can hand pick the perfect ones to send.

Hell, I’m generous. Let’s send ALL OF THEM. :wink:

Cool! Lets go find Old Gobbo, he may know where there are space ships, we can start right away! No more door to door thumping. Sunday morning TV can be devoted to actual entertainment. Oh there would be so many things different it is hard to know where to start. :laughing: And just think of how popular we would be in the universe for sharing such a gift! :laughing:

The end of the world would be right around the corner, methinks. Even the most advanced, peaceful and harmonious aliens would be driven to primitive, atavistic and violent behavior . . .

BTW, setting aside the evidence or lack thereof for peaceful aliens, it does stand to reason, because any civilization that isn’t peaceful will exterminate itself long before developing the technology for interstellar spaceflight.

Well by Gods and heavens! We have no time to lose then. Lets strap them suckers into some missles and shoot them towards space! Cryo was developed for just such emergencies. Let the neighbors wake em up and worry about em , it ought to at least buy us some time. Lets chuck politicians out there too. Left and right wingers included, please. Throw in a few political activists to, you know, the antagonistic ones.

They all will keep our neighbors busy for quite awhile. It would be like Rats invading your home sort of thing. :laughing: :laughing:

I am not a Mormon but I’d have to say that when Jesus died, he died for one and all.


The reason astral projection is not used as you stated is because many religions claim it to be Evil or satanic and since the world population is 60%-70% one of 4 religions which claim this well…You see my point. (This number is quickly shrinking and practicionars are growing)

Tell you what- Why dont you try it than come and talk to us about it. See for yourself instead of bashing it. You might change your attitude and maybe some of your beliefs (oppinions)… But wait your religion says its evil and you shouldnt do it…Hmmmmmm wonder why? Could it be that you might find out somthing better left unknown?.