i am a theist and an atheist

I am a theist and an atheist…I can show this to be true…
i believe in god…but the Christian god is ridiculous to me…a guy up there in heaven…

Is your god conscious?

my god is the IDK god…the i don’t know god…meaning how could i possibly know about that kind of thing…

I guess that might make you an “aatheist”.

If you don’t know, how can you claim the Christian God to be “ridiculous”?

good question—i can believe something…but i don’t really know

That makes you an agnostic.

I support this, as I read what she/he said regarding not knowing and the “Idk god” made me think agnostic as well. I was going to post it myself before seeing this post already here. So i’ll just simply agree. :slight_smile:

The god of which humanity loves to claim to know quite simply, is not. It is but a fundamental force of nature of which strives through and connects all life. Hence, the flower of life and geometry of all. (Fibonacci sequence) We are the universe experiencing itself, subjectively and individually.

not so fast…you are also agnostic because you don’t know either…you think you know

An agnostic believes that he doesn’t know.

yes james…I was only telling ier that when he comes to reality he will be an agnostic also…and so will you when you get off your high horse…also I don’t like being put in a category…do you

Agnostic simply means IDK god. Why would that label be objectionable?

I am not on that “high horse” without Reason. And I, like most people, do not like being placed in an erroneous or misleading category. But in reality, everyone is in one category or another. The problem is that profilers only have misleading, and most often condemning, categories. People fear the judgments of others (as socialistically intended), that fear of perceived guilt used to oppress. But such fear is not my guide. I know that I am always put into a misleading category (just as you display with your “on your high horse” insecurity judgment of me) and accept that.

I understand your thesis in this thread and don’t disagree with it. You are what you said. No problem. But there is still room for growth beyond that. Mislabeling yourself and/or others merely impedes the progress.

I think that you are getting it slightly wrong.

You are a theist but a pagan too. You can call youself a Pagan-Theist, if you are comfortable with that term.

Christians or even other two Abrahamic religions do not have any copyright on theism.

with love,

Perhaps a “Budding Theist”.