I am Curiouse....

Who here knows what my avatar means or rather, what it is and what its meaning is?

I have asked this before but never recieved an answer I am just curiouse on what the Oppinions of others are.

I promise not to post on this thread or interfere with it. I am Genuinly Curious about your oppinions. And besides while you search for the answers you mind find some startleing truths.

Looks to me like an ahnk flanked by two (stylized and at a stange angle) wadjets.

Not sure what the they mean together, but I could discuss them apart. Also, I’m not sure what the lines are, I’ve seen the glyph before, but aside from knowing that it is related to water, I don’t know anything else about it.

Now, what they mean together . . . not sure there.

Definitely an ankh…but with two eyes and a stylised moustache.

Meaning: ?

It’s an Ankh with eyes of Horus on either side. It means you enjoy appearing mysterious and shining people on.