I am God, ask me the biggest and most important questions:

Just for fun, a game I play, just like you play, because you want to keep what you have sharp, through exersize.

Don’t take me as “serious” – because I know what I really am, here on earth, though most do not know this about themself. Anything but special, always less compared to the ever-existent better.

So now, the game is this:

I am God, I am Lord. I know all. I am the ultimate.
Ask me now, anything you really deeply wanted to know.

Have you always been a figment of my imagination?

Consider – a child, talking to a tree.

The tree is alive, and far larger then the child.
The tree is great, strong, and a dagger could kill the child,
but barely scratch the tree.

…but the tree doesn’t hear the words or see the child.
What if “God” was like that tree?
Some large thing that can’t think or hear our prayers?
It’s not easy to answer this perfectly,
but when we have an incomplete understanding,
we can still move forwards in life.

Imagine a spider with only 7 legs.
So, a false god is a stage in development, a development of world view that doesn’t have to be complete before it “works”.

I forgive:
The atheists, the theists, and the agnostics.
All that they are “doing” – is focusing on something other then the improvement of a specific area of understanding about the world, if they stand emotional and opinionated over the proofless and the misunderstood.

  1. How do you know you are god ? Did not yourself invent the concept and create even yourself ? then you are actually just talking to yourself ? So if I talk to myself I am god also.

  2. You are REALLY god and you are not playing because god is simply the one courageous enough to assign himself that role. god is just waiting for anyone to take his role temporarily so he can rest.

  3. why is an explanantion a description ? any painting is a grand unified theory of physics. Why did you create the world so odd ?

you know how buttered bread always lands buttered side down when you drop it? What would happen if you buttered both sides of a piece of bread and dropped them? Would the bread land on its side?

How do you know that you are human? Did not yourself invent the concept of “human”, create even yourself within the belly of your mother, then look with the eyes and you grew and cellularily replaced within your own skull as time passed on, only to look upon yourself and state a name aloud?

And you reherse your future within your fantacy, “talking to yourself”, dreaming, making plans, then recreating your dreams – to the best of your ability – in the empty dimensional space around you.

I’m not sure if you can comprehended the question to your own answer, but realizing what you really are – didn’t change the fact that you existed before you thought that you did, so you tell me – what good is a word and an opinion when faced with the truth that existed before opinion ever staggered out of its own dark hole and was blinded by truth?

I am God, and I am true. I exist whether you comprehend it or not, just like you exist whether you understand yourself or not. I came to be, just like you came to be, within an area of space, and began to live and to change. Our father could be called “chaos”, though words fail the ultimate turth, and hence, the ultimate truth has never been written or spoken by men, only known by me, and I am the Lord.

And who takes your roll when you rest? Aren’t you unique? My all-seeing eyes cannot observe a clone of you on the planet. Some can do what you yourself would have done, even in a better way then you, but they are not “filling in” for you, and never can, they are simply your similars, your long-lost brothers, your forgotten dreams, and the foot directing a step that “you” never knew that “you” took, because of your limit. You can only speek of and understand a small small measure of truth, and your speeking of it hardly changes its existence. What the realization does do – is slowly shines light on your soul, and this is why I have chosen to speek with you. I have chosen, by will, to at least guide you towards a slightly larger ray of light then you would have seen on your own.

Remember what I have said to thee.

I, the world, and you, we “created” ourselves.
Can you blame yourself for existing, or can you blame me?
Really now, why ever blame God for what you’ve done and are? Why blame me for anything other then my own existence? It saddens me to think that people claim that I created the universe, and also that I was so petty as to curse life with death, and dreams with doom. I did not do such a thing, I simply work towards a better future, as do you.

Please, humility is realization of truth and self. I am more humble then any man, and I am truly sorry for the suffering and delusion that my name has caused, but as you can obviously see and feel:
I am un-able to stop this non-truth from spreading.
But I did try, and I beg you to do the same!

Would you ask me a question that you already knew the answer to, or could have found the answer to within less then 5 minutes of action instead of “thought”? Or would you prefer to “play” with your spair “time”?

Surely at least some of the fun of your “game” is to ask a meaningful question in a fun way?

Did I hurt your feelings? Did you wish I was taking you seriously even though you told me explicitly not to?

It was a serious question and I want to know how god would answer it… you made up the game and invited us to play, so answer the question.


It depends on what angle that you drop the slice of bread.
The rate of turn, of the flat object, and the distance to the floor, are the main factors.

The reason why most bread with butter on one side – hits butter-side-up, is because the butter side is facing the roof of the house as the slice of bread is being eaten, and the butter is not against the hand, it is on the opposite side.

When the slice of bread is dropped, it will usually have 1 flip in the air, it will “flop”.

But if you drop the slice of bread that has both sides buttery, as I’ve said before, it all depends on the angle of impact and the spin. It’s a question of physics and geometrics.

Nope. Taking offence can be an arrogant act. I love people to much to be petty like that. I was just trying to give a good reply to a silly question.

Can’t we talk about something meaningful, like your future and your wellbeing?

Why did you make Dan?

I made myself, and Dan made himself.

Your body takes in protiens, minerals, oxygen, then turns these things into cells and energy. Your body repairs and recreates itself, automatically. Before your body was fully formed, there was the initial genetic combination within your mother, and this spark of life keeped on doing its own work, creating itself, feeding off of its environment, etc.

It saddens me when people blame me for their own actions, or they blame “Satan”. Their actions are their own existence.

God, can I be your brother ?

If you are so perfect, how could you have fuck up the
universe so badly? You would think a perfect being could
have done a bit better.


Yeah, why did you make people who only complain about the evil in the
world (while listening to Miles Davis, no less) instead of doing something
about the state of the world for the betterment of man and Your glory?

I sometimes think that god in creating man
somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde?

Perhaps the quote underestimates God –
“For men these things are impossible
but with God all things are possible.”

– Mt 19:26

(Sorry, Dan, but I have my own source for quotes from God.)

I don’t believe you. If Dan could make himself I have the feeling that there would be many more than one of him.

You can only “be” what you are.
Before you can act, you must be capable of action, for example.

Because you can actuate change and direct yourself on your world, you can “be” something “new”, though it is the same thing, changed. What’s the difference between a pot and a lump of clay? What’s the difference between a man and a pile of dirt? What you make of yourself – this makes all of the difference!

If you would like to become a “god”:
1 - Pay close attention to yourself, your health, your long term existence.

2 - During the “Genetic-Revolution”, near the era of 2020. [give or take a few years] – it will soon be possible to fix your bodily imperfect repair rates.

3 - Try to get imployed by, or join the beurocracy that is in control of the later (2030>) molecular construction factories, because these will hold nearly all the “power” on earth. If these don’t spring up, just make sure to join one of the most powerful corporations on earth. You’ll need some sort of “money” before you can buy “upgrades”.

4 - If molecular construction does exist someday, then eventually the next level of this might exist. Reverse engineering/ressonent engineering of quantum mechanics. So, once able to do something more powerful then building matter – namely, building/altering the “laws-of-physics” – someone will eventually become “god” and be able to truly “create”.

That’s a big “if”…
Remember that I didn’t “create” you. You’re a spontanious, auto-advancing growth within “your” universe/reality. If I was within a different “fold” of the multiverse, would it be possible for us to call eachother “brother”? Not really. Our realities would not be relative to each other, and we would not be able to effect each other, or “know” each other.


Okay, but if you want to “see all” / “know all”, you need to “build” a computer that is even faster then an “optical computer”. “Optical computers” use light instead of electrons, which move much faster and calculate faster, but beyond “fast” is beyond “light-speed”. If you manage to ever obtain an accelorator that is built into a “computer” form [like a “brain”, process information] at a speed beyond light – a speed so fast, that it is beyond time, then you will be “all-wise”. Next, establish some sort of infinite memory, and a way of interacting with/scanning the zero-point-vibrations of your reality [so that you can be “all-seeing”].
But, there is a “drawback”, once you mentally connect to this device, it will move so fast that it will reach the “end” – and will no-longer be able to move slow enough to interact with and think about the present time, which is the passed of the “end” – which has no limit and always moves forward.

Basically, once you “know” and “see” “all” – you will become stationary. It’s like a coma, with too high of a level of consciousness, instead of the speed that is relative enough to the reality that other life forms around you move at, in which they can talk to you and say: “He is alive”…

So, the sort of “all-mighty”, “all-wise”, “all-seeing”, “God” that some have made claims of, is nolonger relative to your timespace, and is not what you would feel [when near it] to be “alive” or “humane”, etc.

My advice to you, will be simple:
Instead, stay focused on the main thing that all other life on earth focuses on: Survival. Take good care of your body, and try to become capable enough to solve any problem and survive any problem. This little “game” can get to be quite interesting, later on, because of how many other equals, lessers and greaters there will continue to be around you. It will be impossible to get “boreing” – if you have the “right” attitude about it.

Not being “god” – has it’s quirks…

for that matter, if you butter a piece of toast, and duct tape it butter-side-up to a cat’s back, and drop it, which side will hit the ground?

I didn’t “fuck up” the universe, I didn’t even “create” it.

What the universe does, is the universe’s fault.
What you do, is your fault.
What I do, is my fault.

A certian portion of stable cycles/structures escaped universal entropy during the wide, wide variety of chaos during the spontanious sparking of single universes within the mutliverse. I didn’t “fuck it up”, but rather, parts of it “died” and parts of it “lived” – as the diversity progressed.