I am looking for partners

do we have people here who are really interested in philosophy and want to write books? I have expressed my philosophy in essays and thesis section. if anyone is interested in co-authoring a book along the lines of my essay, please let me know.

You must seriously desire to want to write the next Mein Kampf, don’t you?

God, you arrre annoying.

:astonished: you just used the lords name in vain! youre going to hell!!!

Purgatory. Catholics believe in the Purgatory. For paying for minor sins.

oh…right. but he could always buy indulgences from the preist and go straight to heaven!

You don’t even want to know what my indulgences are… :evilfun:

Pinny - can I draw the pictures…? I’m awwfy good wiv me crayons…

What do you want to write about?

For examples of my skill at writing (or lack thereof) visit the creative writing board

Interesting request, could be interesting to see what comes out of it. :slight_smile:

I could be less annoying to YOU if you simply would admit the truth about yourself like the good doctor challenged you to do in your “Jewish Lies” thread.

this must be a joke. no, really. please tell me this is a joke.

Objectively…that’s the funniest things PoR has ever said.

Perhaps the content of the thread is actually a decoy, and POR is really announcing a deep-seated wish for a good christian, no-strings menage-et-trois…qatre…cinq…


Sorry man but I think I would really come to dislike you through the process but I would not mind seeing something you have written.

But keep in mind I am lazy and