I am sleeping but I will wake up at the end

Is it possible death is an awakening? That our whole lives, every alive moment, from birth to death, there is a giant dream that we cannot wake up from until the moment of death?

This can’t be my own thought…

I suppose it’s possible. I’m not going to entertain the idea as logical, nor do I think that it has any real merrit, but it’s possible I’m sure.

Almost like consciousness is dreaming there are just deeper dream states - when consciousness ends there can no longer be dreams at all.

Can’t be conciousness, either. If your theory were correct, your conciousness wouldn’t end. It would just change.

unless ‘The Awakening’ is the End of consciousness - As consciousness itself is the thing we cannot escape, until then. We escape dreams by waking up. One thing we cannot escape waking or sleeping is consciousness itself.

So you basically think that we are dreaming, and when we die, we will stop dreaming because we will no longer be concious and capable of dreaming.

Right, ok. Well then, if that were the case, we wouldn’t be waking up…we would be dead.

When I go to sleep every night I visit the place where I’m going when I die.

Odd. When I sleep, I dream about things like bunnies in tutus, and trains full of unicorns.

Yes, it is possible. It is also possible that you were created 5 seconds ago and that whatever created you implanted all of your memories and current thoughts. It is also possible that when you go to sleep, you wake up a completely different person who has been implanted with all new memories so you have no memory of your former self - sort of like a reformatted hard-drive.

The point is, anything is possible. We as people though, cannot function with an “anything goes” mentality. If anything goes, nothing gets done. Human mentality dictates that we establish rules of order - whether logical or not - as a foundation for progress (progress being debatable too).