I am Stupid People?

Sophisticated economic trends predicated on the most imbecile logic imaginable of the most powerful banks creating money . . . because they feel like it.

Environmental policies that prey on the guilt of consumers to repair the damage of steamrolling corporations with nothing powerful enough to police them.

Foreign aid boasted by politicians which become nothing more than a smokescreen for more militarized control of a population without looking so hostile (roadways and trains opposed to guns. Marginalized people can stay that way).

So-called restorative justice which essentially make the greater community pay for the heinous crimes of the few.

Philosophical arguments botched in analyses that few understand, stagnate into debate, and therefore never really come to conclusive decisions that affect the choices of the masses or the balance of power in the world.

I storm and complain about the abhorrent nature of the modern cult. And I say “wow people are so stupid.” Then I hang myself on my supposed rope of wisdom, noticing my cognitive distortion: “Can I really be the one and only ‘not stupid person’”? If I think there are so many stupids, well chances are I’m one of them.

I am forced to speculate that no matter what position I take, no matter what I advocate, I am still advocating stupid, and taking a stupid position. Is it really so simple that unless I conform to rigorous dialectical rules, avoid all fallacy, then no matter how much influence my words will have . . . they will be at least . . . not stupid?

What does or doesn’t make me stupid people? What are clear cut rules that separate a person as influential and insightful, as opposed to brash, and ignorant?

 There is no way to gauge the fine line which has long ago dissolved into an indeternable, without a real device to measure a margin of error regarding who is competently informed and influential versus who isn't.

 There exist no rule of thumb indicators either, since corporate scheme eats it's own output of waste.

The books resolve themselves into quasi public stock ownership, where the differences fade between the benefits to the producer and consumer. The end justifies the means in any winning or failing strategy, in any successful or loosing gain or loss of profit.
The public and private domains are an investiture of mutual gain loss, where it can never be determined whether the gain of one results in a direct loss to the other. It is vain to seek clarity where the manufacture of economic realities are always effects of other effects. Derivatives, options and others, make sure that the approximations between what can be gathered, be buried under piles of uncertainty.

 Stupidity then, can never definitively be sustained, because the effects are often  mistaken and uninformed. Opinions hinge on projected curves which, can always be mitigated by betting against them.

A stupid prediction can be contra indicated and made to profit another. Hedging bets reduces the drama of gross stupidity to the degree, that in retrospect they appear only small oversights.

 Not to worry.  The ones in the know, tend to answer to the query of stupidity, as an unwarranted act brought upon one's self.  A good example is the late real estate debacle.  When banks were brought on the carpet about the junk loans of an overheated market, the banker's answer was not indicative of their lack of responsible loaning of mortgages, but of getting at  consumer's lack of honesty in applying for loans they could ill afford.  It was never an indication of stupidity, but of dishonesty.  In this way, the process was vindicated. In the world of finance,dishonesty is forgiveable, but stupidity, never.

Everyone is stupid, but if you are only stupid, there’s your limit. This is not a fix all answer, but if you can understand the stupid person, because in yourself you have similar subpersonalities who argue along similar lines or seem to thuggishly Believe for similar reasons, and yet you, as a whole person, have a broader perspective or deeper insight that does not need to deny the facets of truth in the thugs and buffoons inside yourself, then you are not that stupid person, at least. If you can find them all, then you are likely not simply stupid, but also at least smarter than them. In fact given the way we can communicate over distance - as we are just now - others are kind of mirrors of subpersonalities in us - if we are broad and Deep enough to have a bunch of them. (I am not saying other people are only that). Hitler likely thought he was a loving guy. That doesn’t mean I have to consider that I am actually Hitler if I Think I am a loving guy. But it helps if you can find the Hitler inside you to be sure.


Realize the distinction between being wise and being stupid, and you will be wiser and less stupid.

You have raised a very, very common issue, so no, you are very far from being “the only one”. But is knowing and speaking the intelligent truth necessarily wise?

What happens to the individual intelligent buffalo who tries to tell the stampeding stupid buffaloes that they are headed in the wrong direction?

Perhaps being “individual” is the issue, not being stupid.

so we are all stupid…now what should we do…

Well, one can notice when you realize you were stupid (Before) and see if there were warning signs - in your own emotions, for example - that you decided to ignore. Perhaps if you accept the potential validity of such warning signs, in the future, you will be less stupid. You can also compare what you are doing when you can realize you did, are doing, are about to do something stupid, and what you are doing when you simply go forward and do it. There are faculties we are all suppressing. There are faculties we can all develop. In the end, we will have to decide ourselves if any step we take or mode of thinking/being seems to lead to better decisions and better models of reality - though the decision may in part be based on feedback from other people. It’s more like learnign to swim than it might seem to be. If you just use your left arm, perhaps you notice you are going in a circle. What straightens out your swimming? And this need not be some really abstract analysis. Really notice, notice that it matters, and this will improve things. Since it is about modes of being in the World it may take some courage. It is not about memorizing stuff. (and by the way, I wrote this all certain and perhaps smug sounding, like I have this down. Well, nah, still find stupidity in mysefl. But it helps me to write it out decisively and then read it myself, see what it does.)