I am...

I am as old as everything i am made of. I am not new, i am recycled. I am made from earth, and am being made. I am on a cycle, and am not myself. I am a not a miracle or freak accident, mearly cause and effect.

I was thinking one day and thought this… DISCUSS IT, i’m curious were it will lead.

If what “you” are is just the sum total of your physical parts, then sure you can say all that.

I would say your physical makeup would be recycled atoms and molecules since matter cannot be destroyed.

Indeed, it depends on what you mean by ‘you’. Presumably your whole self as it is now is original (including your persona, that is). It may have been a potentiality before, but only now is it made actual. We might better say that, whilst your substance, or your essence, is as old as ‘the all’, your particular form, or configuration, is probably not.

ya, i was thinking one day and came up with it. I think it can be improved though.

You are also largely random, even without considering any metaphysical self.

I don’t think humans have a complete enough understanding of the electrical fields that surround, and permiate us, to determine their origin or nature.

You seem a little like a miraculous freak accident to me. Especially since you are made of recycled parts.

Ya metaphysical stuff i usually don’t go into to much, i’m not much of an assumer. I like to say that i don’t believe in anything, but i don’t believe theres nothing because neither have been proven. But for seeing me as a miraculous freak accident seems impossible to me for some reason. For these “recycled” parts are part of everything if you break right down into, as Liteninbolt said, atoms and molecules. Everything has been here for a long time, for how long no one can truly tell, but surely if my molecules and atoms have existed, then they have had an existance in many things, so sort of cycle i guess you could call them. So i guess nothing is a freak accident, because this “accident” is habit for our planet. And hopefully for our universe.