I Believe In God

I believe in god…

does anyone want to argue about this?

does anyone want to know the definition of…I or believe or in or god?

No, I don’t want to argue about it.

Ok, what is your description of God.

i cant describe my god…

Not even a little bit?



i cant see that on my computer…

So you believe in something without description.
Do you at least have an idea of what it is in your head? Even if it’s one that you can’t put in to words?

yes, I would like to know your definition for “I”.

i look at nature and see the utter complexity of life and the universe…then it is an— I Feel Thing…


I don’t believe in God, but to each his own. :slight_smile:

I was looking for more of a yes-or-no. don’t know what God has to do with complexity of life or the universe if you don’t have any idea what God means.

fj i cant give you a yes or no…a psyche is in my head…do you define god?

If you have no idea what you mean when you say the word “God,” then saying you believe in it doesn’t mean anything. You’re not actually saying you believe in something. You’re saying you believe in (some empty word).

It’s like if I told you: “Hey turtle, I believe jimijam exists!” and you’re like “What’s jimijam?” and I’m like “I have no idea” – well my belief is completely meaningless. I’m not even really saying I actually believe something. It’s not the word that counts turtle, it’s the definition, and if you don’t have one then you’re not saying anything.

As an alternate possibility to not saying anything, I think it’s possible that the compelling emotion that turtle may feel when reflecting on everything at once in emotional weight may be so grand that it provokes the biggest name he knows for provocation of awe; “god”.

Considering such an experience may be almost entirely emotional, he may indeed not be able to define it any better than in the word, “god”, without somehow transfering his sensational weight of his ontological awareness experience into another person.
“You had to be there”, exists as a phrase for much the same reason.

That’s true. But if you start a thread with ‘I believe in God’, people will expect you to go into more detail. Perhaps, Turtle will tell us about some instances when he has felt the existence of God - something a bit more specific(and personal) than ‘the complexity of life and the universe’.
Could be in the form of song lyrics:

that doesn’t really fit in with the OP.

he said “I believe in God, does anyone want to argue about this?”
If “I believe in God” means “I had a really intense emotional experience,” why in the world would he invite people to argue about it? What’s there to argue about? I don’t think anybody’s retarded/trolly enough to say “No you didn’t,” and I don’t think turtle’s retarded/trolly enough to think anybody else would…

Which leads me to believe mr turtle meant something else. Something which could feasibly be argued about.

fj----define god