"I can see!"


It’s an article about a bionic eye. I have a BBC feed on my computer and seeing this, I just had to smile. Have we finally found jesus? :wink:

Sort of like a cochlear implant for the visual field? How far off might we be to enhancing ‘normal’ vision through such technology? Will we one day be able to directly experience the full electromagnetic spectrum? I realize that there are cognitive limitations, but given the plasticity of the visual cortex and other parts of the brain, it’s likely that given the right kind of eye, the brain could handle a great deal more information than it is given at present. I suppose there’s also room for technological upgrades to the brain itself, which might have to be used in tandem for such a project. Maybe someday soon we’ll all be carrying around ‘brain extensions’ in backpacks plugged into our brainstem.

If we can find a blind woman with a beautiful voice we can have Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Seems nobody else shares my sense of irony! Seeing the number of “atheism as a religion” arguments that I see, there was one a couple days ago from a BBC reporter, I thought someone would find a blind person seeing through a bionic eye and the infamous healing of the blind man by Hesus (sic). I think it’s a big moment in symbolic value. I’m not familiar with Repo, although the ‘genetic opera’ sounds vaguely familiar.

The brain has reliable placticity for repairing some aspects of brain function such as recovery from a stroke, but it can’t rewire new adaptations to the electromagnetic sphere. The brain is elastic to a degree, past that degree and we end up with savants or seizures or brain damage.

Humans will have a long time to go before they can master neurocognitive neuron-network “implants” or WHATEVER it’d take for me to see like a bird.