I Can't Stand Anymore War

I cannot take it anymore. What are we doing in the the mideast? Too much messing in other peoples business. What is this Libya thing with warships off the coast? Who are we going to save now. We better save ourselves.


Dear USA,
Stop all your B.S and just mind your own business.

…3 months later

Dear USA,

Good God, y’all.

We never had any good reason to be in the ME in the first place. Our dependence on fossil fuels has done so much harm and killing it’s ridiculous.

Uh… wut. People still believe that?

We’re in the middle east because we’re initiating an imperialistic expansion plan. That’s why I said, back when we first went into Iraq, we are there to stay. Ever hear of PNAC? They laid out their entire plan. That’s why Rumsfeld said, in PUBLIC, TV BROADCAST ‘this war will last for 100 years.’ You think he was just making that up? No. He was repeating the PNAC plan which is in writing. If you’re thinking to yourself ‘What is PNAC?’ then kill yourself tonight you waste of space.

Do people just forget this stuff, or do they never do the research in the first place? The level of knowledge on these (3 threads) is sub-par. Everything said has been garnered through television, or common sense, seemingly - the two lowest forms of reasoning.

Such a joke…

Ermm. It’s the oil bidness, brah. Even “an imperialistic expansion plan” is predicated on the lust for more fossil fuels. Do you think the USA would put warships off the coast of Libya if it weren’t for the oil. Give me a break.


Yep, nailed it.