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If some of you are like me, and I would guess you are. You’ve often stopped and took a spectator look at the world and people, and possibly saw how pathetic, robotic sorta, we live. We have jobs, talents, things we pursue that bring us happiness or allow us to live, or allow us to provide. But it’s as if we’re in one big trance all the time.

When you think about philosophers, we’re almost the opposite, in fact we feel we’re doing something better by not conforming and taking an objective outside stance on life. It’s almost a buddhistic type of mindset.

Personally, ive found that without an ultimate purpose for your life, you can easily be sucked into nihilism, as I almost am. Not only that I think Im depressed, especially on the weekends. I don’t fit into any group as of yet. I don’t drink so I don’t party, but I’m not christian anymore so I’m not with that crowd either (and I know what many of you are thinking but the answer is I could, yes, but I choose not to because I like to be a very real person). But anyway, without a purpose for your life, it’s depressing. However, most purposes seem pathetic. When looking at what the majority of the human race does to fulfill purposes, we seem dumb, if any outside the world force were to see us they’d most likely think we’re really dumb. Like watching a spanish comedy program. Anyhow, this has got me to thinking.

Maybe it’s better to live within that trance. The problem with my depression is that I have too much free time, or I don’t have free time but I procrastinate because of perfectionism and the fear I’m going to fail again. Moments in my life where I’ve had to work a hard job all day, I come home and enjoy the simple things in life, I have no time to sit and ponder about lifes big questions… and I’m starting to think… maybe that’s a good thing. Have any of you philosophical veterans found a holding spot in your life yet? Do you still search the questions, seek the knowledge. I think sometimes we think were different, especially the fact we at least attempt to answer these questions. But it does seem pointless so many times.

If I were an outside intelligent being looking down on earth, I’d think people who give, who stop to think, who care for their families, who meditate on lifes meanings, are people who somewhat have it together. But essentially, letting your mind go and letting the body take over is very relaxing and enjoyable. It’s what most people do day to day, most people don’t care to ask questions like this, or even discuss it. In fact most people would rather not. And again, I’m starting to feel maybe that’s the way life should be, we do as were expected. Just like most of the animals in the kingdom.

I’m gonna add too. People act like they do because its probably what’s best for the most part. From civilization on we’ve tried to learn from our mistakes, people will get by how they can and enjoy life. I think it’s good that you know about philosophy and the deep properties of life, but I don’t think it’s good you base your life on it. This is why I really like reading G.K. Chesterton. Simplicity in life is really the best way to stay sane. And I’ve been feeling like I’m going to go insane as of late with so many ideas and thoughts runnng through my head, and whys, and then I feel a voice that says, just shut the fuck up and live.

It feels like someone who would leave a religion, question it, maybe go atheistic, and then come back to the religion. While other morons call that person dumb, he’s the smartest because he left the herd of sheep for a while to check and see, question, and then came back.

I feel my life has been like this with philosophy, my mind thinks so deep, its not healthy for me and leaves me depressed. I’ve got to just start living again. And I’d advise some others to do the same, but I’m not going to tell anyone how to live their life, this is something i’ve found in my own life and i just wanted to share it.

I sympathize. I used to get depressed about all of it, but now I almost don’t care or something- in a way anyways. I don’t let it get to me I guess. I know I’m a better person for not being like everyone else, and it really only means something to me.

Kind of a greed-like mentality in a way, but I stopped caring about other people. It just causes haedaches bieng affected by others.

I cut the ties connecting me to others, and I am becoming more indepandant as a person. People are parasites, so don’t be one too if you don’t want your life to be pulled in the directions others want.

“Know yourself.”
- Socrates

Well this sorta begs the question, imho, if modern societies [by which I mostly mean the metropolitan areas] are actually designed to enhance a human’s state of happiness.

Lately, I’ve only more solidified my belief that cities are designed for co-dependence as they are essentially a large, ugly, sprawling organism that reduce individuals to being mere cells within that large organism.

For many people, specifically ‘type A’ personalities it can be depressing when you think about it.

The solution, to me, is the either focus on doing what makes you happy or leave the large urban areas.

Since I’ve taken my life ‘closer to nature’ I’ve been much happier, despite the occassional boredom or angst over things I am missing in LA.

I think Marx was one of the first to talk about man’s separation from nature. I often think Thomas Jefferson would have agreed with him.

You’re quite right in your observations, but it’s up to you, your choice to find meaning in life. Western philosophy provides the means for a better understanding of life and although this may be depressing at times surely it’s better to know the truth than believe something quite foolish as many choose to do.
To be disappointed with life or depressed as you say, is really revealing how naive and immature you are.
You should see youself more as an ‘activity,’ the sum of your actions. They’re is no ‘you,’ actually, just your actions, what you choose to do. So do whatever you want to do in high spirits and try to bring meaning to a world that has no meaning other than what you bring to it.

the book, 'Zen and the art of motorcycle mechanics by Robert Pirsig address the issue of going insane from thinking too much(simplified statement). It happened to him though.

However, all the people ‘living in the trance’ may be taking the easy way out.

“But anyway, without a purpose for your life, it’s depressing. However, most purposes seem pathetic.” -Club 29

well find one that isn’t pethetic, or come to the conclusion there is no purpose in life and get over it, or maybe the purpose of life is to just live and thats it. I dont know.

I believe it goes this way until you realize no human being (in my conception, nothing) can get to Truth with a capital T and start to think in analysis instead of truth.

Nothing is certain in life, only that there is thought, and when you realize that, probably understanding that it is futile to search for a heaven, a Truth or an absolut rationality (none of those in only a religious way, but also on the concepts of “marxism” as the perfect model, etc) and start living life as you feel it. Even if there is a ‘Right’, we’ll never be able to find it out right now, so at a certain point the effect becomes more important than the Truth (if there is even one). I do follow my own little truths though

I recommend that you read Michel Foucault and peharps something about psychoanalysis (not saying you need psychoanalysis, just that some ideas within it are some of the way critical thinking and science are following right now).

Sounds like a bizzar hermit sales pitch

If life bores you, risk it. CharlieGadfly

I think that most philosophers are the way that you describe and it can get quite depressing, but thats the same with all kinds of change, I think that some people get swept away by the so called lack of meaning in our existence seeing it from outside. But what these people have not done is to accept life from both sides, to understand the truth behind the mundane existence we are a part of, but then to observe that actually there is alot of beausty and amazing things in our universe. Not to mention the extreamly rare “life” which we are also a part of. I think that what Im trying to say is, most people become interested in philosophy because they have questions they want answered. The disappointment is that no matter how hard you try these answers wont live up to your hopes and expectaions and this is disheartening. But accept life for what it is, marvel at how incredible it is that anything exists at all in fact and then realize your a part of all this wonderment. Remember that there are always at least 2 ways to look at something, and to truly understand that, all angles must be covered, even if one is not intellectually challenging.

One thing I’ve learned from philosophy is that it teaches you that you don’t have to understand something for it to mean something to you

Trying to take an objective outside stance on life. Sometimes we don’t pull it off.

Damn straight it’s depressing. It’s miserable. But why don’t you have an ultimate purpose? Lack of a God doesn’t mean you can’t have a purpose.

Like watching a spanish comedy program! Haha, that’s hilarious, because I went to Costa Rica and I totally know what you mean! There were these two guys in sailor suits…

In seriousness, though, I don’t think human purposes are dumb, and who cares what the aliens think? You could look at it like, “Oh we’re so vain to think we matter when we’re smaller than grains of sand in this giant universe and our lifespans are like microseconds to the giant celestial clock,” but I see it as, we’re the only species (to our knowledge) with the fine motor skills to tie a tennis shoe, and I’m kind of proud.

Fail at what?

I’d take knowledge, however pitifully little, over willful ignorance anytime.

I have! I think. Took me long enough, but I think it’s worth it.

Well, if I lived that life, I would regret it on my deathbed. I don’t know about you. I think that those people who contemplate life do get that extra little bit out of it. As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (At least, for some.)

One thing I like about philosophy (the dialectic theory of it, anyway) is that, no matter who you are, what you believe, or how wrong you are, philosophy can only gain from you trying to contribute. Even if I’m completely wrong in everything I say, at least it shows how correct the opposite of what I’m saying is. Or something. I don’t mean you should try to be wrong.

Anyway, I’m tired, and it’s 12:00 am. I hope I helped some.

I have to agree with rob. Most individuals could sit around and speculate on the fundamentals of day to day life and come to your conclusion, but what exactly is that accomplishing? Lets toss around the terms job, talents n things we pursue etc like they have no relavency, where in my reality those are the things that bring meaning to my life, reguardless if they mean anything to other individuals. You don’t seem to appreciate your life and lack the inishitive to do anything about it. I would rather live in a trance then to give into self pitty. You can either contiplate the meaning of your life or you can actually live it.
Looking at it from a generic, society as a whole perspective, we all will die probably while lying in our own bodily excretions, eventually will be forgotten and our life meaningless. But I will die knowing that my life had meaning to me and if I’m lucky to someone else as well.
Nothing is pointless unless you make it that way…
Is there not a point where we can say that the answer can be found within ourselves? Esp since its the meaning of our life were trying to find…
Whats the rush to have all the answers about life right now? For most people religion provides those answers, it can be a little overwhelming when you no longer have that.
And I wouldn’t necessarily think someone has it together if they let their thoughts and need for answers facilitate a psychological disorder. You mentioned something about failure…just because something isn’t perfect dosen’t mean its an equation for failure, I think you only fail when you stop trying.

Yes I agree, you must keep trying. Working on some project that extends into the future. Philosophers, more than anyone should stay positive so that we are seen to ‘practice what we preach.’ The great Philosophers have explained life in the way that it is, no illusions. We should never be surprised at anything that happens, nor disappointed. Life is to rich for that.