I don't vote! Why should I? Should I?

I am an American and I don’t see why I should vote. What difference does it make? Is it ever between a good guy and a bad guy? Is there really any difference? Why should I vote? What difference would it make?

“the price men pay for indifference to political affairs is to be ruled by evil men”

Between a good guy and bad guy, look at the outer prespective and you be the judge.

It wouldnt be much of a difference if you just vote, you should persuade your friends to choose who you think a good leader would be.

You must vote in order for your citizenship to be validated.

If you don’t vote, you won’t feel that your rulers are in touch with you.

If you don’t vote you may cause a rebellion where votes are not on ballots.

It is very important that you vote, but only to those who wish to live from what they coerce from you.

It’s a spoonful of sugar to help the crap go down.

Ignore the power!


The people who vote change nothing. The people who count the voes change everything.


its people like you that keep Bush in power… VOTE god damn you, you are putting thousands of peoples lives at risk, you have an oppurtunity to change something and your taking it for granted… alll the republican assholes are out there voting and the democrats are like “ummmm should i vote or should i just complain?” idiots…

Angst-ridden is absolutely right, PhilosophyGirl.

You must vote.

And vote Republican.

Actually it’s the dreadfulness of the Democrat candidates and the lack of any imagination from the fringe parties that keep people like Bush in power. The point is that there are a lot of Americans that will vote for the incumbent unless there’s a viable alternative. Same in any other democracy. Actually it’s the same in dictatorships, but they tend to squash any opposition so you can’t necessarily blame the opposition in those cases. But in the US the Democrats are incapable of producing either a good candidate or any original policies (they just water down republican policies and trot out the communist cliches) and the third parties are a joke.

Ohh, let me guess. Republican = bad, democrat = less bad. In your view, I mean.

Like I quoted above “The people who vote change nothing, the people who count the votes change everything”. Sack off voting, get yourself a job in a polling booth and make democracy work for YOU!

While it may be nice to believe that each vote counts… the practical reality is, if you consider power to be that which influences and directs the movement of others… no single solitary voter is as powerful as an interest group, or an Elite. At least, that is the case in America.

The idea of an individual voter making a difference simply by voting is (and has always been) a great fiction.

Why not vote? It can’t hurt.

The most common retort I’ve heard to not voting is usually “they’re all the same.” In some sense of that logic, it is partially true being as all politicians are the same, otherwise they wouldn’t be politicians. They all crave for the limelight and want to be seen as the savior to millions, even billions. However it’s this thinking that deters potential voters from the real matter at hand. It’s really about what kind of leader do you want setting the stage for the play?

[size=150]If you don’t vote, you change nothing, whereas,
if you do vote, you at the very least help change come about.[/size]

In the last election I voted for Kerry NOT because of whatever he said he would do, but because he was the next popular figure below Bush who WAS NOT Bush…heh. I had a fun game of going around and pulling out a twenty showing people the face on the bill saying, “Look at that face… does it look familiar? It says Jackson, and you know it’s Jackson, but what candidate today looks like him? Yes… you know who I’m talking about…”

What I was saying about helping change come about is if you look at the country today, it’s shown that the majority of the populace don’t support the war in Iraq… and before that, during the elections, the opinion in the country about the war was pretty split 50/50… People who got caught up in the nationalistic pride that Bush was flaring off are starting to see the mistake they made putting him back in office a second term.


  1. The bigger the promises, the bigger the dissapointments.
    (History shows that politicians generally never set out to do what they say to do, and in the cases where they do, they cause more problems.)

  2. The more distinguished the military career, the better the leader.
    (History shows that military officers who become leaders have proved to be very resourceful and know war is a LAST OPTION to any crisis.)

  3. The key to a leader’s future actions is within the past.
    (The more you know about the kind of person you’re letting run your country, the better off you’ll be. History shows those who were slackers, tend to stay slackers.)

  4. Education is critical to the mind of a leader.
    (History shows the better the education, the better the decisions a leader makes in the course of his/her term in office.)

  5. Personal bias can be advantageous.
    (So you don’t like someone? Is there a particular reason? Chances are, if there’s something about a candidate’s personality that doesn’t set you right, their actions in office WILL account for it. History shows this.)

dont vote republic… those assholes are even worst than the democrats. Of course your one individuall vote will only make a small difference… but its still worth it. Ah what does it matter anyway… dirty cheating bastards always get into power anyway…

OK, I still dont see a convincing argument for me to go vote…or care.

then you shouldnt vote… your obviously not going to make a contribution to the world… i dont give a fuck if you vote or not… dont vote see what i care, as everyone is saying your vote dosnt matter… no ones does therefore no one should vote… we should all just let the clever men in the white house decide… yeah they cant eat pretzels but they can sure run your country for you…

No, you don’t have to vote. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. But don’t worry- I’ll vote so you don’t have to. :slight_smile:

If i were to vote who should i vote for and why?

Vote for Pedro.

Actually, don’t vote. If you don’t care enough to engage in politics then simply don’t speak about it at all and leave it to the rest of us who are mighty enough to crush you with our Iron Fist.

yes if you dont care about the world around you just let us intellectuals lead the way… who should you vote for? No one… apparently democracy dosnt work… we should be rules by philosopher kings… according to plato

Yeah, what they said.

Votin merely gives you an illusion of having influence. Your single vote is extremely unlikely to make a difference. I don’t gamble either.

In a democracy it’s not really important that the individual votes, it’s important that masses vote.