I DREAM of Jeannie

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

This may seem childish, but I think answers would speak volumes about true philosophical positions.

acouple more wishes, at least.


besides more wishes, what else?

hahahaha harmony. explain that one!

i think ‘acouple wishes’ says alot.
but for more. i will say a big titted bimbo texan with a huge sex drive and who does whatever i say.
money. fame. whatever.
answers’d be nice.

Experience. I would ask to go through a stage of reincarnations from the smallest, least conscious beings on to the higher primates and sentient beings. I would phrase it so that i could experience the life of every creature that ever existed or ever would exist. Maybe i could experience several lives simultaneously! I would ask that i retain knowlege of all of my past lives. I would be humble, empathic, all-knowing and when Jimi Hendrix asked me, “Are you experienced?” i could answer in the affirmative…

McDaniel’s, sounds like you’ll take the good with bad experience. Surely some of the pain is so severe you may want to opt out, no? And if not, would you know you’re immortal? How then would you have the experience of being normal? But that was a lovable answer, I think it’s my answer too and I didn’t know that until you wrote it. Sorry Monooq. I’m an assman anyway.

That’s one of the best sentiments I’ve ever seen expressed! You deserve to be quoted from here to ya ya.

My wish is a bit lame but genuinely from the heart…I want a time machine!

Let’s not get into the possibility of time travel or the nature of time because it’s not that sort of wish. It’s a good old fashioned, B-movie, H G Wells kind of wish. I want to see the pyramids being built and hang out with Socrates and Elvis (not together, obviously). I want to get this whole Jesus debate sorted and see if there were any pink dinosaurs. I want to buy original Mary Quant boots when they were brand new and I want to stop Robbie Williams getting a record deal. I want to see if Cleopatra was worth it, and if Jack the Ripper was really royalty.

I’ll see you all in 2020!

I wouldn’t ask for a couple more wishes
I wouldn’t ask for that or this
I wouldn’t ask for harmony
I wouldn’t ask for a time machine either
I wouldn’t ask for re-incarnation to other stages
I wouldn’t ask for whatever
I would ask for only one wish -
If I don’t like that wish for long
I MUST be granted another wish!
I’d get EVERYTHING BABIES!!! :smiley: