I figured out how 'miracles' occur!!!!!!!!


Here’s the deal!

This is very similar to how I solved the energy problem!

As I explained solving the energy problem in an eco-friendly (And SAFE) way; I explained that when I was in my mid teens, I saw a string hanging off a cup of water that was half full from the night before. What impressed me about this is that the water continued to rise on the dry part of the string until the entire string was wet and droplets were on the table! I realized at that moment that the properties of the string caused water to defy gravity! Then, I thought to myself, what if you could make a “string” that accelerated this process and scaled it up? (It has to be hollow in the middle) You’d have a natural generator that could cause enough pressure to turn a turbine!

The two greatest miracles in existence (besides the mind) are mirrors and magnetism.

Many years ago, I used to stare at seeds becoming full grown plants and time growing forward, and I was perplexed. Then I saw something! Magnetism!

Plants don’t grow from the bottom up, they grow from the top down!!! History doesn’t grow from the bottom up, it grows from the top down. What I realized was beautiful: that there is a magnetic grid that has no particles, and as it becomes bombarded by particles, it will grow exactly into the pre-existing grid, and stop where the grid stops. People might think this implies pre-destination! You can always change the grid.

How are miracles performed? People use their minds to create a magnetic grid from available parts and then bombard it with particles. This can also be done technologically.

Plants cannot grow without a base because their roots are necessary in order to absorb nutrients from the earth
So the roots will absorb moisture in the earth which follows the same principle as the string in the cup example

Oh don’t get me wrong, I understand that perspective. This is where people went wrong. How do the roots grow? They use magnetic grids! Just like the top of the plant! It’s all part of the larger magnetic grid that the plant grows into.

Is this just your opinion or do you have any actual peer reviewed scientific evidence to back it up

I know for a fact that something cannot defy gravity without magnetism.