I found the secret of existence.

Should I tell it or no?

How much should I charge for it?

Selling secrets? :evilfun:

I don’t believe You found it. But if You did, You would want to share it free and clear. That’s a fool-proof give away.

Why would anybody buy the secret of another person’s existence?
There are entire professions dedicated to hearing about it - only, you have to pay them.

I used to believe as you did, but if you knew this particular secret you’d feel the same way as i do now. It has nothing to do with money though.

This isn’t a trivial secret about girls I dated in third grade. This is something that is universal.

Trixie the capitalist…I thought you were above these petty all-too-human ways…

Capatalism exposed, it arised from a feeling of disdain towards those around me, therefore I dont wish to share freely, because I don’t wish to be intimate with those around me. Money is only a tool i used to increase the width of separation and place value and worth on an idea a concept, make it seem more signficant.


Yes, I can see the look of disdain in your eyes, despite the warm embrace on your shoulder. Is there a chip on there somewhere?

Always has been. Realize that this is a race of primates and one will naturally feel disdain towards them. Being mistreated by them is to be expected. Do not be kind to them they will always seek to betray you.

Humans are basic, Trixie; I concur with you on that.

Capitalism is for cretins. It’s an unfortunate game we must play, but it doesn’t need to spill over into philosophy.

I get you are just joking, or so I hope…

PM me the secret.

Was joking i dont actually care about the money. I just feel like delaying the secret, i am not sure if releasing now would give it the appropriate weight. Truth is a feeling, if it feels good and has more weight. 2+2=4 is true but it doesn’t have any weight, the mindblowing factor.

Existence is all that is important, not how to live. We have created the “how” to live, which in turn has created this dilemma for us. Your thinking has created problems–what to eat, wear, how to behave–the body doesn’t care. I am simply pointing out the absurdity of a conversation on this. Once you get the hang of it, you just go. There is no message to give mankind.

This wasn;t no message to mankind and your above paragraph reads like a message to mankind. Human conventions are absurd and rooted in chimpanzee dna behavoirs, grooming, warring, mating, eating - all chimpanzee DNA codes of conduct. The secret of existence is something a little more bizzarre than just giving lectures to chimpanzees about their bad behavoirs.

Those who are looking beyond for something are like monkeys who sit around the red ocher trying to warm themselves. There isn’t anything that you can get from any discourse.

There is nothing to achieve, nothing to accomplish, and nothing to attain. What is it that you want? And what is it that you are searching for? If you are searching for anything, if you want anything, then the first thing you must do is to throw away lock, stock and barrel and book, bell and the candle, the stuff you are hanging on to. You have to throw the whole lot out. Otherwise, there isn’t any chance for you to be yourself.

Monkeys yes. Monkeys are curious. Anything else is just lazy feminine bonobos who just sit around waiting for their demise. I’m looking for the ultimate thing to solve the maze the puzzle will I find it from chimps and bonobos probably no so in the meantime ill enter bonobo mode and try to find love in a loveless world until the species gets more evolved (at this moment they need to enter monkey mode.)

Bonobos telegraph better than chimps because they know what they need to do to survive, chimps divide themselves… even though chimps war and commit murder, the bonobos know how to hunt and they are like a hive… they’d probably kick the chimps asses. As evolution continues, bonobos, if not killed by the humans (like all great apes - that’s the only reason they’re endangered) will, surpass humans in technology and innovation.

You can’t know that. Fact is that they are most like us, not only behaviourally, but genetically too.
It’s highly unlikely that the Bonobo could ever follow the same trajectory, as protohumans, but if they did they would probably fuck up the planet just as effectively as we did.

I think the problem with the way you conceive this is exemplified by the phrase “more (of less) evolved”, as if it is some sort of inevitable hierarchy of achievement: it is not.
Chimps., Gorillas, Bonobos and Humans are all as evolved as each other, from our common ancestor, we just went in different directions.

Well… I think humans were genetically engineered, but natural evolution would place the bonobos over the chimps and subsequently the humans. I do indeed believe in more evolved species.