i give up

I give up…I do not understand this god thing… so I am setting it aside…
now I believe in the sun and the golden rule…that is it
I am less confused now and happy…

God is only word. But in the beginning was the word and the word was good. Good God!

“The sun and the golden rule”, I really like that.

Where did the Golden RULE come from? The Word. And the Son? We all know where that came from.

I must say years ago I gave up the idea of god and I have been much, much happier.
To believe in god means believing in so much crap as to make it not worth the effort.
You have to worry about sin, heaven, hell, damnation, following the various do’s and don’ts. I have found
that religion is a divider of human beings. It doesn’t bring people together and it doesn’t bring peace and
it doesn’t bring relief. To believe in religions means to believe in the shadows behind reality. To give
up god means a rock is just a rock and not an instrument of good or evil or showing a presence of god.
I don’t have to waste time worrying about the sins I may or may not have committed. The question of evil
which is the question which derails the idea of a god of love, no longer becomes a question of interest.
Evil is simply actions which have no rhyme or reason. Remove god and the complex architecture
of religion and life becomes a simple matter. You have life which is a matter of chance and randomness which
aligns itself with our modern notion of the universe. The universe is chance, is random, just as physics say it is.
Life becomes one with modern science and not at odds with an ideology that creates a disconnect with science.
end belief in god and you become in sync with modern science, with all the theories of the universe because all
of them operate with the notion of chance, random nature. Evolution, physics, the big bang, all have chance and
randomness at their heart. The ideology of religion is at odds with the modern physics and evolution and
so by dumping religion and god, you are in touch with the reality of the universe and this connection with the
universe creates a better understanding of the universe then is possible with religion or god. The disconnect
mankind feels today is due to the fact our belief systems is no longer in touch with the reality of the universe.
Reconnect with the reality of science and you will be at peace far more then if you keep faith with god or religion.


I have found that believing in God is believing in nature; believing in your self; believing in the better nature of even the worst of men; because they lie so well to cover up their love for this world and everything in it, even to them selves. Giving up is a form of not giving up, because to give up is to show that you don’t know all the answers. To keep trying to learn is the key to our world. We have to accept the fact that no matter what we know, it will never be all that can be known, but if we continue to learn, we will only grow more into our selves as we go. Into a deeper and more richer sense of life and purpose. It is not so much having to know so many rules… people often forget that rules alone can’t stress enough the importance of those rules. Life gives its lessons that people have tried to forget and tried to prevent people from learning. Hence why things are as bad as they are.

I find that for how complex the world becomes and my thoughts along with it, four words make it all the easier: Keep It Simple, Stupid. I like to learn and to understand and to come to know things intimately. I love to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of everything around me, even what is seen as bad. All it can ever do is change the inherent beautiful to the tragically beautiful.

I don’t much care for what men have made God and Nature into. They have often thought themselves the greater and have tried to prove it and their gains are only temporary due to their greed. Even the most intelligent of men and women in this world is prone to falling to these temptations in life and therein is where they cease to be intelligent.

They often forget that there are various strains of intellect and genius and they think themselves rightful heir to the single one they possess. I see the answers presented themselves in various forms all throughout life; in carefully crafted metaphor that presents itself through peoples subconscious actions. It’s the hidden thread that binds it all together.

I used to be diagnosed with ADHD. My first grade teacher got pissed at me because I got bored with basic math and began teaching myself multiplication. The hilarious part of it is that I had my head cracked open when I was two years old; been hit upside the head so many times it’s not even funny; even had a semi-concussion once. I’ve always paid more attention that people gave me credit for and after a while my teachers stopped calling on me for answers when it looked like I wasn’t paying attention.

I grew up being smarter than most adults who were tasked with teaching me. My Kindergarten teacher thought I was being sarcastic when I said ‘yes ma’am’ one day after she scolded me.

My second grade teacher was scared shitless of me because they had me on some drug named cylert that was later recalled and because of watching my step-dad beat my mom, I was a pretty violent kid. Even though she was scared, she did say I had a tendency to speak out against what I saw was wrong, which she remarked was an A-Team quality.

I never wanted to be different than other kids, but because they perceived me to be better than them instead of equal; they treated me differently and picked on me more because they liked me; even in their jealousy; and I reacted easily to it.

You see, this is what I was as a child and nothing has changed it. No matter what they have tried, it has only firmly reinforced every bit of the man that I became; which is why it is important to have strong role models that reinforce good things in our life; which is all religion tried to do.

My step-dad was not a perfect man, but he taught me not to make excuses for my actions and how to be tough as nails, though he doesn’t ever admit when he’s in the wrong. He’s a proud man. My mother, even though she used to get beaten, used to hold her own and give as good as she got and she raised me on the bible and impressed me with her telling of the story of King Solomon. She had her own gentle strength to her and a backbone made of steel even though she was insecure for a while raising us.

Every thing I have been through in my life would only have dragged me down and made me kill myself if I hadn’t struggled and fought to understand every bit of it. Not that I intend to live forever, but I did want to enjoy my life before I went. I couldn’t be happy by turning my thoughts off, because I could see quite clearly the world around me and wasn’t happy with it. I had to find happiness within myself and it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I still get knocked off that some times, but it gets easier to return to it.

It’s a very simple life we should be living. We should be able to trust our instincts, not doubt them every second of the day. We should be able to trust our love, not question if it’s going to last or not. For me, it’s a bit different. I spent a long time in darkness because of my intelligence. In some ways I often wished I could just be like the ‘dumb’ people, because in some ways they were vastly more intelligent. I’ve since learned how to get out of my mind when I need to, but I still like to indulge in thinking a lot. I have had to learn a lot of things, but no more than you’ve had to learn in your life so far and no more than you’ll have to learn in time. It’s just a different way of learning. :slight_smile:

What I gave up on was my need to prove anything beyond the possibility. As long as the possibility remains, then anything can happen.

I could debate most of that with you, but you would just have to “give up”. :sunglasses:

Religions are not gods. Religions are the wrapping paper and box that hides the item from you until you remove them.

According to James (NT) true religion amounts to taking care of the widows and orphans and keeping oneself unspotted from the world.

He said the SUN and the golden rule. I love this. Turtle has gained a lot of respect in my mind.

For James that is how it works. We cannot all truly believe the same thing. We can be forced and intimidated into a position but, that does not mean its right, we can even desperately grasp a belief but, it still might not be right.
Some of the best examples are those that rant and rave against a former belief and overly preach for their new belief. Its akin to constantly adjusting ilfitting clothes that you chose, paid for and are determined to get your money’s worth out of them.

NT James speaks of

  1. discrimination
  2. looseness of tongue
  3. true religion
  4. the split psyche.

According to James being unspotted from the world means not engaging in the mind wars. Long before Freud, he notes that the confusion in the world comes from confusion in the human psyche.

duplicate post

I firmly believe in the sun…I firmly believe in the way of the golden rule…

Then you believe in life and a moral imperative.

exactly ier----what do you want to add…

You believe in the sun?

I am getting to know the sun…I believe in it…it helps me feel secure

Again, that works for some not all. There would be so much less learning if we all saw only one way.

The meek need God, with that they need morality, something ressentimental allowing the inheritance of the Earth, wanna shirk morality u gotta be wicked.