I Hate Nature

O’ Nature, how I hate thee.

I know I’m not supposed to, but I do. You might not believe me, you might think I’m being all controversial to get attention or something. I’m not. I really don’t like nature.

Sand in my shoes, bugs in my face, the redundancy of the ocean, or stars, too big to grasp, or the profit motive of all animals, food, sex, affection, excitement, or the pointless, random variations in flowers and birds, all scrambling for God knows what.

The interconnectedness of physical objects sharing the same space? Yawn. The landscape, the trees, the ocean, the burnished fucking ground and the dotted this or that in the grand style inspires about as much awe in me as a cheap painting of self same hanging on the wall at your Motel Six.

Whether I’m looking at the painting, or I’m IN the painting, in full-color 3-D quadraphonic smell-o-vision doesn’t matter. Mmm, the freshness of pine. Wee. The pungent raunch of lilacs and dead turtles. OK. Got it. Now what? I mean, what would you have me DO with these smells? Experience them? Please. When was that ever enough?

Must I worship at the hooves of a cow, marvel at the noble beast’s hue and odour, in order to enjoy a hamburger? Must I get all excited and wax stupid about the green of some plant, or the pink-orangeness of a dusky sky? What the fuck am I supposed to DO with colors? Am I fucking THREE? Do I really need to be all, “Oooh, looky, ORANGE!” If the orange isn’t about a flavor or something I can wear to get laid, or a way to tell a friend from an enemy, like on a sports field, then I don’t give a fuck about ORANGE.

Think of all the different kinds of plants, all leaning toward to sun. What a waste. And all the fish, eating each other and shitting everywhere, like a bunch of animals. They have no choice. It’s NATURE. It’s supposed to fill me with awe. It DOESN’T.

Nice. =D>

It’s true, nature is overrated and disgusting too. Except maybe the aurora borealis.

But being ‘anti-nature’ is certainly no less irrational then nature worship either.

So what do you like? Plastic and steel? Maybe a mile or two of asphalt or concrete? Fish Sticks? Everything colored with red #10? Imitation buttered popcorn?

Are the intracacies, subtleties, and nuances in a poem more awe inspiring than the intracacies, subtleties, and nuances of say… a flower?

Or are you just pissed because you didn’t create nature?


You should hear what the bugs have to say about it…

Human beings are a part of nature, so if you hate nature…you must hate a part of yourself.

Whether you realize it, or not.

It’s okay that it doesn’t inspire awe in you…but what did nature do to you to earn your hate?

I wonder if you can’t see the beauty in the natural world, then where do you find it?


Creators often create their own visions, their own world, and resent the intrusion of that which they do not create themselves. I suspect that is the gist of his poem. No creator wants to live in a “me too” world and the “hatred” is a complaint about not being able to escape the pervasive environment. The question is, how does one escape nature? In my creative efforts, I often am disappointed that the results are merely “me too”.

Gamer will tell me I’m full of shit, but it will be interesting to hear his solution - or the lack thereof…

Hi, tentative.

My answer would be…you can not escape nature. When you stand in front of a mirror, you can’t run from your reflection. You can only shut your eyes and allow yourself to be enveloped by the darkness.

If creators are so put out by creations they did not fathom, and are…irritated by them…that would tell me that they are a slave to their own egos, and that such an intrusion bruises their ego, instead of stroking it.

Which to me…is the least substantial reason to hate another’s work. I would consider myself a creator also, and I have always appreciated and admired those that have created great works. The most that my mind has ever mustered that could be considered envy would be…“Why didn’t I think of that first?”

I don’t think you are f.o.s. I totally get where you are coming from.

You are missing the point if you think mankind is part of nature. We obsess with altering our environment, live away from other animals, create walls with precise edges and dominate nature without even intentionally doing it. Everything about civilization and humans is in defiance of the natural world.

Even humans themselves are different, we’ve been civilized for so long our evolutionary selection has diminished what let us survive in the wild and what characteristics work best in civilization.

We made nuclear bombs and space ships and pour gigawatts of artificial light into the sky, eat food preserved with artificial ingredients processed until it resembles nothing found in nature and these things are now central to our identity as human beings.

What is natural about us again?

Still I just think Gamer’s rant/ poem was humorous and different anyways. Something you’d see in the humor section of an editorial or something.

I was playing Super Mario the other day, and I started thinking how pointless this game would be if you didn’t have to save the princess.

He’d still have the task of saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser’s oppression. That’s a worthy cause.

The Mario example makes sense. Appreciating nature is about having a purpose in it. Sometimes I think I would like to manage a farm, from what I can tell it mostly involves driving a truck around all day. But the difference between managing a farm and driving a delivery truck is this; as a farmer everything that surrounds you is important to you, the color of the grass is constant reminder of how much rain fall has gone on recently and the sky tells you what the weather is likely to be in the near future. And, of course, the crops don’t just represent meaningless back ground scenery they are your livelihood. A trucker or a casual traveler is only passing through and they’re driving so fast that they must pay more attention to the road than the scenery. A hiker has a little more connection with nature, but I imagine in remote places where people actual hike to get somewhere rather than as a hobby, they appreciate it much more.

What you say is very true if you accept the pervasive environment called nature. But if you are attempting to create a vision of “new”, the grass may be blue and the sky is maybe a delicate shade of fuschia. Some forms of creativity are more than unique perspectives of what is, but visions of what I choose, and no matter the superlatives in our appreciation of nature, nature isn’t MY vision. That seems to be Gamer’s complaint. He’s striving for creativity beyond nature…

It’s a bitch to not be Willie Wonka. Where is that everlasting gobstopper when I need it?

Dammit! Gamer, get in here and clear up the confusion (mine) before the fog settles in.

I’m sorta partial to Nature (well, except for the bugs) [size=70][ha! got there before you did, JT][/size] so, no real comment on the essay, but I did want to say: Hi rainey, what’s new?

I look at it this way:

You can make the choice, how removed you are as an individual, from nature.

I am a part of society, yes…but I also take time out of my life to spend time in nature, to connect with it, to appreciate it. It is why I see the connection between man and nature. Because I work to foster that within my own life.

Humanity as a whole is not industrialized. There are many societies on the planet that exists very closely with nature…even though those societies are becoming fewer, and farther between. Look at the African continent…and the jungles of South America. You may have to look, but they are there.

If you think we dominate nature…that is an illusion. We impose ourselves on nature. All you have to do is think back to the Tsunami in Japan, or any other natural disaster, and you’ll see that nature out-muscles us, it pokes its head out every so often to remind us that its power will never be overcome by us, even if we think that we can control it.

No matter how far we run into technology or civilization the fact remains that it was not so long ago that we were swinging in the trees. No matter how you dress man up, we are still a creation of nature. (This, of course is just my own opinion…but I understand the nuance you were conveying)

Anita! :slight_smile:

Nice to see you. Nothing much new. Just writing, you know. Still a million bucks shy of being a millionaire [size=85](John Candy, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles[/size]).

Yeah, I’m sorta partial to nature, too. We’re rather tangled up in Her. (Gamer knows this, of course.)

So what’s new with you?

[size=85](I thought about you last week. Hoped you weren’t taking too badly the Vikes’ defeat at the hands of my Buccaneers.)[/size]

Great to hear that the writing continues. :slight_smile: Any new non-fiction travelogues out there?

Not too much new with me. Taking some pictures when the mood strikes, doing a little web design here and there, having my soul sucked out of me by the day job…you know, the usual.

Oh, and it’s almost November, and we’re not watching hockey. That’s new, and that’s just wrong.

rainey, really? You had to bring that up?

Alright well no disrespect to the Bucs intended, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that if the Vikings are playing on national TV, we’re gonna self-destruct. Par for the course… But in the interest of being a gracious loser (all that practice helps), I’ll admit: Good game, Tampa!

[size=70] [Anyway, I’m glad at least to hear that Tampa’s your team. Repeat after me: We do NOT like the Dolphins. At all.][/size]

Gamer: sorry for the totally unrelated tangent. But…well…you’re haven’t come back. And if left to my own devices, I’m reeeally good at tangents.

It’s not just wrong, it’s unnatural.

(See what I did there? I got us back on tangent.)

[size=85]But seriously. What am I supposed to do without hockey? Watch the NBA?? Pfffft. Let me get that little weasel Bettman alone for just 5 minutes…[/size]

Rainey, we know you’re a shy and bashful person, but we haven’t seen any of your new poems for a loooong time. So open the ditty bag [size=50](you made one, didn’t you?)[/size] and drag out your latest… :slight_smile:

Sorry, JT, I’m out of the poetry biz. Another victim of the recession. We tried to keep our doors open, even raised some venture capital at one point. Applied for a bailout (never heard back). Eventually, though, the price of raw materials just kept going through the roof and we couldn’t pay our suppliers. Double iambs alone would have put us under. Want to talk about anapests? Dactyls? We used to have a warehouse full of them. Now you can’t buy one for all the tea in China. We switched to limericks at one point, but it was pure desperation and our buyers could smell it a mile away. (Cliches are still free, thank God.) And once we lost the rights to “Nantucket” what the hell could we do?

Eventually we sold all the equipment off to a greeting card company.

I don’t know. There was probably some mismanagement involved. But who could have foreseen this?

Got it. I won’t ask for the private stuff. I’ve got a few tucked away myself, so I know… It’s a sad state of affairs. Lot’s of lookers and damn few buyers. No one is interested in heart/mind efforts anymore. Just gimme the glitzy shit.