"I hate superstar!"

Probably I’m in this problem, probably I’m not.

Does anyone have something to say about this?

It’s when you kind of automatically hate someone who’s being too famous, whether deserving or not.

I think the problem here is arrogance. When you hate a superstar, you are unhappy that he’s so famous for something that he probably doesn’t deserve. Or when he deserved it, then since you’re just unhappy, you’ll end up looking for minor flaws or whatever flaws you can find just to justify yourself.

I find this kind of behaviour and attitude unhealthy and disturbing. But I think this is very common.

Besides the comments, what do you people think should be the solution to solve this kind of problem?

Don’t you think you could be just envious? I mean, you could be envious to all people, who get themselves on the TV and you can’t overcome your desire to be like them? It’s possible.
If we’re talking about global sollution of that problem, there is nothing we can forbid or stop at all, it all depends on the certain person. So we can just turn it down with looking at the positive and negative parts of the superstar, don’t you think they have enough problems? You can have free time, for example, but if they want to go to the fitness, they can’t, because of the journalists. Also, even going to the shop is an attraction, it’s so annoying that you just deserve to be like the rest. You know, man always wants what he can’t have or doesn’t have; )

Yeah. Envy is this one more thing about that.

Don’t you think it’s very unhealthy? It tends to sway you from the way the person should be depicted.

Against superstars, those who’re in tv, is one thing. But you know, this actually leads to more than just that.

I’ll give you an example.

There’s Jesus, who was popular amongst the people, but hated by rabbis, politicians, Caesar. I’m sure there are people who talk against Jesus’ words for the sake of trying to find mistakes. In the end though, they cannot defeat Jesus in debates and arguments.

In this kind of situation, it’s simply unhealthy to detest or hate Jesus because He was popular. You know what I mean? Whether you are right or wrong, if the root is unhealthy, it’s like you start from the wrong base.

In a daily life example, when we’re all students, there are sometimes the most popular student in the class. It could be envy, jealousy or arrogance that you did not want to admit him to be nice/great or whatever adjectives other people seem to credit him with. When you stand up against this kind of person, you probably will blatantly try to disclose his flaws and stuffs. Even if you were right, these flaws were either straightly ignored or “forgiven”. Yada yada. We all know the continuation of the story. You’ll be disliked for disliking the most popular person. “Even if I was right”.

Don’t you think this is just very sad?

Yes, that’s the truth, it’s sad at all, but who can change that? If there’s even a rule that forbids envy, it’s part of the way people think, no way to change they point of view. One more thing, about Jesus; The authority, I mean politicians, Ceasars were against Jesus, because he was menace for them, and they rely only on the power. They are bad people, just relying on gold, power; they were glad to see how people die when they were sitting in their enormous palaces… they were built from another material, if I can tell it that way. So it’s bad habbit to be envy, I also get part of it when somebody is better in my work, but it’s part of the competition, I’m trying to get better than him, not just envying :slight_smile:

I think Jesus didn’t ask anybody to record waht hed had said and he personified what he had been saying - he literally did live according to his preaching. no contradictions in his life.
most of popular people, because they aren’t perfect, do live in contradictions - they pretend not to care about being famous or popular but internally they do wish for popularity.

id just read a bit of a manifesto about Nietzche’s:
“Master morality and slave morality”

Dan has a very strong will to gain full “Master morality”
and temper it with alot of honor and compassion.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_ … .931900.29
^if you love to read.

Does that show challenge or enhance your sense of mastery?