I have a question… what religion is the right one?

Nice to have someone agree with me. I can safely say that if I started talking to an imaginary friend, believing that an external force controlled my every action and that I was being watched everywhere and indulging in cannibalistic rituals (sorry, couldn’t resist it) I’d be in a straitjacket in no time. What difference does it make if I call my imaginary friend “Jesus”?
Perhaps by “the god inside” xplicit meant that everyone worships something, even if it is the self? Can’t tell really.

This is the only part of your post I do not agree with. I would not let a doctor who subscribed to creation theory anywhere near me, this is discrimination by most definitions.

Actually, my pediatrician growing up was a creationist (not the 6-day brand, but still…), and he was ranked one of the fifty best doctors in the Washington, D.C. area by Washingtonian Magazine. He teaches at George Washington U. Med. School, so even if you won’t see a creationist doctor, you might’ve ended up with one educated by a creationist (so now would be a good time for panic and paranoia, GD :wink: ). Seriously, evolutionary theory and Medicine overlap in very limited areas, so I think I’d have to accuse you of unwarrented predjudice in that area.

I certainly agree with skeptic. It’s our nature as humans to discriminate against those who are different from us–hence millenia of religious wars. I think we should recognize this in ourselves (meaning, don’t just blame it on religion or something) and be careful to treat everyone as we’d have them treat us: as flawed human beings trying to make sense of this mess we call life (and I disagree with the author of that principle on lotsa issues, but I still think he was a good guy). I have several creationist friends, and yeah they annoy me when they start getting proselytory, but there’s a hell of a lot we share in common as human beings.

And I’d say, in terms of the delusion thing: I agree to an extent, but often religious belief is just a substitute for real reflection on what is–because most people have neither the time nor the inclination to really engage in philosophy; sad, yes. But delusional? Or often it’s a pragmatic solution to a real problem: the problem of creating meaning for oneself in an inherently pointless world. Of course, there are huge problems for that solution, but faith does do very good things for some people. To insist that it cannot do so borders on dogmatism, which just gives ammo to those who’d like to call Atheism a religion.

As for the inner god question…it should be no problem to use the term god as a poetic metaphor for spiritual feeling–e.g. awe at oneself or the world, connectedness with nature, etc…I mean as long as we’re not then jumping to concrete notions of a real entity that exists outside of what we can test and observe.

this is exactly what I mean, but being jewish doesn’t only mean your so called religion, but also your ethnic background and here it’s only the 2nd case, because as I’ve mentioned before … I have smth I believe in and I don’t let the society (mostly catholics here) influence me by their habits.
I called it “God” to make it easier, but it must not be God … it’s just the way I’ve expressed it … and about respecting … I guess I’ve picked the wrong word to tell what I mean!