I have come to domintate

I have come to dominate, that is, to shine on.

Okay, I’m lying. But I believe I could. And that’s the double truth . . . Ruth!!

I could, and it might be dangerous.

The only negative: they’d do a little crucifying, and I ain’t much one for bullet snipes. Although my cause would ROck and RoLl dude, man, nagga nooch.

dont ask what cause, that’s too predictable DAN~ just kidding.

Domination is extacy when symbiotic…
Well, spiritually, anyways…

Otherwise it’s a pain and an irritating insolance, usually.


I wish for it be symbiotic … .I dont know

I’ve only just noticed that Dan’s name is an anagram of DNA(~)…

and …AND

Too much for a material body to handle…

I need to take a break.
Holycrap… If you knew.