I have found Satan.

I have found Satan to be a inspirational figure.

I find myself asking, what would Satan do in every daily life experience.

Satanism has become a latest obsession of mine.

Although I’m an atheist I truely embrace the ideal that is the mythological motif of Satan or Lucifer.

To give in to one’s self entirely and embrace the world’s fleshly pleasures, but by doing so with a ruthless regard in acquiring power.

The knowledge of Satan is just more practical compared to the eternal naivety of the Abrahamic god.

Right Paradise Lost makes him look like a hero. But, I’ll bet you can practice this without running into self-contradiction all the time. Like, for instance, do you have any friends? Why not just murder them? If they’re your friends, you must at least do good for each other in a quid quo pro arrangement. Thus, you thwart Satan.

The problem is that human nature, for all it’s flaws is basically good. Being itself is good. So, you contradict Satan, who symbolizes destruction, by merely existing. By existing and allowing anyone else to exist you thwart Satan. God is being Itself and the power of Being. So Satan can’t even exist on his own power. His evils are limited. He’s pathetic. Maybe that’s why you like him. You feel sorry for him.

Pray for the devil – love your enemy – that he goes to God and repents. God will have to forgive him. Then the problem of evil will be solved.

If one tries to let God represent the supposed love they have for all, then they would be using him to represent a fictional love, because to love all is to actual be lukewarm to all, therefore also hypocrisy.

The Silver Linings Playbook has only happy endings.

Oh no. Not so, because perfect love casts out all fear. Pure love is divine. It knows nothing but itself. It casts out all fear by casting itself on the world. It is a weakness that cannot tolerate the suffering of another so it enters into the suffering with the other. It is a burning purifying fire of an experience. Nothin lukewarm about it.

I’ve always thought of Satan as quite the opposite. A figure embodying, among other things, sympathy or empathy or something along those lines. Not ‘ruthless’, not by any means.

I thought I may have been alone on that, so I did a bit of googling and it looks like many satanic groups agree with that interpretation.

Real quick before I reply to this thread later tonight with all the posts I just want to give a shout out to Satan or Lucifer with various forms of imagery devoted to him.

Hail Satan! 666! Satan can save your eternal soul!

Satan, Lucifer, devils, evil, darkness, destruction, each of these things is a separate thing. It is not all the same thing.

I was talking about a sustainable love for all. One with limitless willpower, such as myself, can continually take on more suffering to alleviate that of others, and die fast. It definitely becomes the equivalent of burning, I could burn to death if I had reason to, but its easier to find reasons not to. I know that sounds awfully convenient, but I never said I was unconventional. As for the purifying part, it got faith out of my system. I suppose God likes to push everyone, hoping they will go the distance, but once someone gets close to the brink and takes a dive - rather than jumping, he gives up.

They’re all extensions of man’s primordial instinct and true nature in my book.

This is why the artificial Abrahamic god finds everything about Satan offensive understanding mythology here.

They are all extensions, yes. Reality and life have dark origins. But the dark also consumes its portion of light. The physical world is always a compound of things. Nobody is a pure human. The idea of a pure human is rediculus.

The abrahamic ‘God’ is like a crazy version of Apollo. The basis of thought is in images, light, emotions, art, logic, etc. Twisted faithful logic, but still a form of logic. On the other hand, some schools of satanism are atheist and darwinist types. Their ‘religion’ is carnalism. There are multiple schools though.

I don’t worship Satan as an actual god. That was me just being sarcastic, testing, comedic, and provocative as always. I do however embrace Satan or Lucifer as an archetype and ideal.

As for Apollo I always preferred Dionysus anyways.

Explain more about these revelations and findings. Hail Satan brother.

Great now there’s one more religious weird-o in the world. Thanks a lot satan.

You know making fun of me won’t get you invited to satanist poker Fridays Smears. How do you like that on your conscious? Can you live with that? Huh?

To Felix:

I don’t remember reading anything about Satan saying that you have kill your own friends.

Human nature inherently good? Now’s not the time for divine comedy Felix. If you keep joking around like that I might laugh out my spleen.

Poker is a game of skill. I prefer to gamble. So it’s ok.

They’re praying for me. That’s cute.

In return for this gesture I want to post a picture couple days from now of god and the devil in a arm wrestling match. It is my gift to you fine people here.