I just discovered She Wants Revenge

I normally don’t like my roomates’ music so much, but this stuff rocks…in an electric way. I thoroghly enjoy it.

I’m so lonely. this school year is starting off horribly. and the days keep getting shorter and shorter. I HATE WINTER. I want to live in the tropics. somebody, quick…take interest and strike up an enchanting conversation before I go completely numb to human interaction!

please. :cry:

Tear you apart is a good song by them. I’d say more, but I’m bit numb myself.

Winter > Summer, to put it mathematically :slight_smile:

I also suggest looking up the “Tear You Apart” music video. Its super cool.

Talk is cheap. Got love?

Damn right :smiley: but seriously, She Wants Revenge rocks so hard.

Love is warped. if I only knew love from human experiance, I’d say there is no love. people suck at love. talking is better. people are masters at talking.