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This is disgusting. Ground up beetles used as coloring dye in many common food products. If you live in the US, you have probably consumed these beetles within the last week. I wish to say no more…

online.wsj.com/public/article/SB … ?mod=blogs

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Eclipse, the beetles are at least natural and not made from toxic man made chemicals. Can’t watch the vid, it takes too long to download.

I would rather eat natural things like beetles anyday over the other crap they stick in food. Both are unpleasant but the bugs less so.

Still, it’s going to be hard to eat yogurt thinking “there is ground up beetle in here”. The problem is the companies are trying to hide it from people. Having it listed as “carmine”, most people don’t realize it is an insect product. Some people who are unknowingly allergic can go into shock and require hospitalization after ingesting the stuff.

Ahh the joys of eating. They need to start figuring out why people are becoming allergic to more things and how to stop it. There lies the crux of the matter. Its a bit gross, but, really food processing is never pleasant. Even if its natural without additives. watch how they process vegies… not really an appettising experience. :laughing:

I guess my issue was having read about the ground up buggers just minutes after eating yogurt with carmine in it. It was a struggle to not throw up. I figured rather have it in my stomach then back in my mouth again. :confused:

perhaps you posted the wrong link. this is a video of a rant on Muslims.

this lady is yelling at some Muslim guy in a suit who only says they words “you are a heretic so there is no need to rebuke you”, which is an ignorant statement within itself and his religion.

she says things like Jews don’t blow up embassy’s or churches, and Buddhists don’t destroy masks (she left out Christians for the most part :LOL: )

by the end, the Muslim suited guy gathers his papers but before he storms out, the video ends.

i fell sorry for them both as they are both deluded. herre are a few quotes

Lady :" religions do not clash, they compete! Muslims are clashing with other religions!" -needs no explanation

man: “you are a heretic so there is no need to rebuke you”…

well if you want to spread your religion then there is a very good reason. if you don’t have a need to rebuke than why kill them? skip the rebuking and go straight to the fun of killing infidels?

Lady:" “This is a war beterrn backwardness and civilisation (muslim vs not muslim)”. gee somebody clearly has a hate on :-k

Let me clarify this response; its not to Wonderer, he beat my post by a second. even though it makes an interesting wierd response to him. :laughing:

To Eclipse;
Thats the ticket, although some do say its better the second time around… Ok sorry, Gross I know. It was there and it was going to be said by someone, I figure I beat Imp to it. :laughing:

A story on processing food; poultry and dead beetles. My boy was about 3. He watched me cutting up a chicken. Asked me what it was, I told him a chicken. He asked does it feel it etc… the converstaion lead me to explain about death dead and dead meat. I told him finally as humans we only eat dead meat. He goes outside to the back yard , I finish up in the kitchen. A little bit later I walk outside to check and see why the boy is so quiet. I see him chewing. I ask him what was he eating… Dead meat mom., is what he said. Spit it out son, let me see. Out pops the munched remains of a Junebug. Yes, I did get queasy. Apparently the first ones he ate did him no harm though. Our stomachs are tougher than we think sometimes. And with children, we must learn to be careful of what we say and encourage. :laughing: :laughing:

Oh $&%*…that is the wrong link. Thats from another thread I cant believe I did that. (Fixing)

What’s wrong with eating beetles? It isn’t kosher, but neither are cheeseburgers.

I dunno, maybe just the way I was raised. I personally would go with item number 1.

What about mealworms? Those are yummy.

Plus, what is different about that beetle and your average crustacean?

Nothin…I don’t eat seafood though either. Here in Texas we eat tacos, enchiladas, and beef briskets loaded with hot barbecue sauce.

the meat in america tastes like shit( at least from my experience), maybe the beetles aren’t such a bad alternative :laughing:

generally things like a meat being crunchy like a beetle tend to revolt you on the basic human/disgust instinct.

we eat chocolate covered bugs but we wouldn’t know it unless we were told. we would think they were almonds.

some people eat grub worms for protein. put a worm in someones sandwich and they might be traumatized :confused:

Ooh, seafood! =P~

Grubs and crunchy insects :-&

Kids eat dirt / I used to like eating paper / pregnant women have been known to eat coal…

why the hell would someone eat coal? thats gotta taste horrid.

Scientists think it’s because the mineral may contain something they lack: therefore they consume said coal - I think pregnant women have also been known to eat some really gross stuff (worse than coal) but I can’t remember what they were…

Beetle additive, yum! :unamused:

music to eat beetles by

“ob-la-di, ob-la-da, ob-la- eat me…” -paul mc cartney


Huh? :laughing: