I know NOW why I've never done this

How the hell does ikea even stay in business?!

buzzfeed.com/ariellecalderon … -satans-fa

I did not realize folks had this problem. I live with two males who think the papers of instructions are a great place to put their sandwich on. After 3 decades they have me doing it too and their reasoning makes sense.
Screw the instructions they tend to be wrong and confusing. Just use your eyes and a tape measure. Along with a saw, hammer, screws, nails and a beer or two. The parts you are given will most likely be wrong so be prepared for it. Saves you from getting angry and busting your new piece of furniture :slight_smile:

In case no one’s noticed, there is free furniture in front of every apt. complex’s dumpster and in front of many yards on the weekend. It’s all fully assembled, and if one doesn’t have a truck, they only need to shove it part way into their car and drive the short distance to their home with someone in the back holding onto it.

Aaah college and first home days remembered… The oddest things will make a house a home. In our first home two old tires stacked with a piece of plywood made a table for just one example. :slight_smile: Yea for dumpsters and imagination! !