I’m trying to bring real philosophy to these boards.. (but)

I’m trying to bring real philosophy to these boards, but nobody wants to debate me.

They just call me crazy.

But heaven forbid, they actually bring their arguments to the debate forum against me.

They call me a troll.

But heaven forbid, They actually bring their arguments to the debate forum against me.

People often state that ILP has degenerated.

They blame it on posters like me.

But they refuse to debate me.

That’s called projection.

I actually disagree with Carleas on this…

He stated that people aren’t obligated to debate you.

If people are trolling my name on these boards and refuse to debate me in formal debates, they are simply trolls.

You can even make a debate, “Ecmandu is a troll”

That’s why these boards suck. There’s no formal debate.

If you don’t formally debate people, blame yourself as you look in the mirror. Don’t blame me.

AS I recall, you hold a couple of base beliefs, one is consent violation,
but I cannot recall the other two recent additions… as well as you believe
in people holding onto past lives and that you have been to hell…

feel free to refresh my memory…


Wow. I’m amazed you read my post. I read all your posts btw.

I argue that all sex and marriage is psychopathy.

I argue that we live forever.

I argue that there are three structural problems to existence itself.

I argue lots of things, such that pro choice is correct.

This video is unfortunately 11 minutes long…
It’s my most recent one.


K: as I made clear, I don’t “do” video’s… now as for your other aspects,
for example, your “three structural problems” one of which is your
“consent violation” issue…

if you say, this is the answer to existence, “consent violation” then
you are no longer engaged in philosophy…you have the answers and
if you are preaching the answers, then you are engaged in theology…
not philosophy… if you preach answers, that is theology… if you ask
questions, that is philosophy… and that is why I don’t engage with you…
you practice theology… I have the answers, instead of philosophy,
this may be true because of…

have you ever challenged your ''consent theory" for example, is it true?
how do you justify that belief? why that belief instead of another belief?

as Nietzsche wrote: it is not enough to have the courage of our convictions,
we must have the courage for an attack upon our conviction"

have you attacked your convictions?



It’s your loss that you don’t watch videos that ILPers post.

Don’t respond to me if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I explained existence in 11 minutes Peter.

If that’s too much trouble for you. I don’t know what to say.



To be perfectly honest. Your posts are long, tedious and often inane.

It takes me longer than 11 minutes to read most of them.

But you’d never grant me the same favor.

My video is 11:16.

Condensing all of existence into it.

I’ve never read a single post of yours that does that. And I read all of them.

When the whole world calls you crazy. Maybe it is time to review your thinking.
You need a belief and ideology reset like Descartes.
Reject everything you beleive and most of what you know.
Ask yourself what do you really know and how can you build on solid ground.

That’s not an argument. Also… are you willing to debate m on the what I said in that video?

Didn’t think so.

were trying to help you man.

the stuff you say is often indistinguishable from the stuff that homeless people scream at cars passing by.

I have state my opposition to video’s many, many times…
they aren’t real philosophy…words written out in some
medium… that is philosophy…

If you can’t clearly state your philosophy in words written out,
you don’t understand your philosophy… simple as that…


You guys have no clue.

Besides, I ALWAYS challenge in the debate forums.

You up for that mr. r?

You up for that Peter ?

Those are words on a page.

why is it so important to you that you have the conversation in a specific forum?

how is that any different than just stating your case here?

your assertions are absurd on their faces.

you are by any normal standard, completely delusional.

Because the debate forum is judged, and it’s there in Stone forever … it’s not a thread with a troll that gets buried in a month.

My conditions are that the debate is moderated but open to an open poll.

Are you afraid?

notice I rarely ever engage with others… why?

because I don’t believe philosophy is best done by debate…
I hold that philosophy is done best by self reflection and self engagement…
I don’t believe debate ever, ever has increased out understanding or knowledge
of what it means to be human… I will not debate you or anyone else
because I don’t believe the “truth”, any such “TRUTH” is found while
engaging in debate…



And that’s why your posts are inane. You do have some gems though. The thing is Peter, I had to debate myself out of the deepest hell realms in existence.

You’ve never had to do that. You just look only at yourself like the narcissist you are.

K: as with most people who have nothing to say, you have resorted to insults…
no real surprise… have a nice day…


Peter, you deserve to be insulted if you refuse to debate to add clarity to life. You’re just afraid to lose.