I met a girl.

I met a girl she is Eastern European 18yrs old and going to college studying biology to become a zoologist. ( She is very cute.)

( She works part time as a zookeeper.)

I met her through a friend of mine by bumping into them when I was biking and she seems to like me so much that we are hanging out together tomorrow alone. :blush:

I showed her bits and pieces of my writing which she pretty much enjoyed which is always excellent. :smiley:

It is really funny here I am unemployed going through a miserable hell of my life with no vehicle ( It broke down last month.) feeling like I am six feet under surrounded by bills and in the midst of all of this I finally meet a girl who likes me. Go figure.

When I had a job with my car working every woman would ignore me. Life is really funny and ironic.

Anyhow tomorrow I am going to have to dress up. :evilfun: :wink:

Another thing is that she is a traditional catholic and is anti feminism. =D> :smiley:

Always a plus. :wink:

“I met a girl… and promptly posted the relevant facts on my preferred philosophy forum.”

I posted this thread in the mundane section. I just wanted to brag a little bit because I hardly ever enjoy living.

If you don’t like it oh well… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with that man! I hope you get some!

Well we just met so nothing is going to probally happen anytime soon.

I do hope she is the girl I have been looking for.

When you first meet them is the best time to move in for the kill. That way if it doesn’t work out at least you got some.

Beware, Scott’s approach to women is that of a 14 year old boy who reads too many magazines. The sad thing is, he may well be right. :slight_smile:

Meeting someone you think you might fall in love with is almost always a wonderful event. One who is cute, eastern European and likes animals - all the better!

Take it slow Joker, and curb your ardour. I hate to say it, but desperation comes off you in waves.

Tab is right, go slow. Especially since she is traditional Catholic and anti Fem. Dude she is laying down the roles and rules already. You are going to have to beef up your income if you get serious or want to get serious.

So go slow real slow.

Good luck. Do keep us updated.

She won me with that off the bat.

I will.

I need somthing to brag about.

I go by the philosophy of expect nothing in that when nothing comes it hurts me much less in comparison to others.

That’s true.

It does seem she is laying the rules down with me unaware of such circumstances.

( Makes you wonder who is truely in control of this venture.)

I will be going real slow as I know what these love feuds and disasters can turn into firsthand.

You might also consider curbing your multiple posting habit. The edit button exists, Descartes be damned.

This from the guy under vampirella.

LOL a traditional Catholic girl will be wanting to produce a child every year of her marriage. My husband has 9 surviving siblings. His Mom tried real hard. Get your wallet and your back ready. ROFL

Well this girl is certainly worth the trouble to go through with. :sunglasses:

Well were together now. :wink: :smiley:

I am very happy since I know firsthand what bad relationships are.

I feel like a million bucks. :evilfun:

( I’m a sucker for love. [-X )

Ooh - That one smarted. :cry:

I’m married, that’s a whole different kind of desperation.