I need a wizard...

Okay - I needed to change from WORKS to WORD because of the newspaper biz (going well, by the way) - and now my pc is completely screwed up.

I was under the impression that I could have both WORKS and WORD at the same time. My old docs are WORKS, and because the WORD wouldn’t install, I removed the original WORKS from my machine. Damn.

Now, my old docs won’t open except with OPEN OFFICE… which is annoying and more time consuming. What can I do? I want the whole Microsoft Suite, but what I have done (cause am cheap and bought it on eBay) is to a la carte the whole mess and now I am suffering from the ill-effects of my mistakes.

Help please?

Can you save the old files as a text or realtext file?

I recall that Word in the 90s used to have a “convert file” function. Does it still have that?

Where do I find that, Mr. P? I can open them with OPEN OFFICE which is a generic program opening all word processing and office software - but opening it isn’t the problem - it is converting (as you said)

Do you know?

It’s very hard to remember. I can picture it, but not how to get there.

Why don’t you go to Help and type in convert.

Wait… The file won’t open so where to I click on “Help”?

Can’t you just start a blank Word file?

I’m not sure I understand the problem fully, but this is what I’d do.

I’d open the works files up in open office and “save as” some other format probably rich text like Mr. Predictable suggested.

You’ll have to do this with each file, and you’ve discovered one of the main evils of proprietary file formats…you lose the software and it fucks up your files mightilly.

Alternatively, you could just install Word and it should open the Works files although it’ll probably bitch about it.

The real question is why Word won’t install and the answer is probably because of some Microsoft security bullshit of some sort.

You should be able to have both Word and Works on the same computer.

What version of Windows, Works, and Word do you have?

lady Bessy,

Hold up.

When you install MS Word, you have to go to Custom Install. Click the (+) signs until you see the category for Conversions and Filters. Then you will have to go through and make certain your version of Works is being installed.

Once installed, go to MS Word>File>Open; open the dropdown for file extension types, and find your version of Works in the list, and open in MS Word, then Save As, which will convert the file type.

If your machine is flogged, as often happens because of registry corruption cause Windows blows goat balls, back up your files to CD/DVD and reinstall the crappy operating system from scratch with a fresh format.


I did that operating system thingy once before and blew my whole system. Now my WORD won’t open and is all funky. What you described in goat balls is quite accurate. This is such bad timing for me.

Thank you, Mr P. Of course, I can try a blank file - I am simply too old for this shit. Most of what you guys said to me sounded like hieroglyphics.



How old is your system? (i.e. what operating system are you running? Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, Windows2000, WindowsXP, Windows Vista?)

How many harddrives are in your machine? 1 or 2?

Do you have driver disks for your video, sound, network card/modem?

Bessy, I have been working on this, too. I also gave some technical questions, the answers to which I am sure will lead me to the solution.

  1. What color is your computer?

  2. Do you allow male goats near your windows?

  3. Do you allow their balls near your windows?

3a. Do your windows have curtains?

  1. Have you noticed a sucking sound from your computer recently?

  2. Is your current mouse a house mouse or a field mouse?

  3. Do you still have that old typewriter?

  4. Have you had words with your works?

  5. Do words work when we work our words?

  6. Did you remember to mail in your rebate form?

  7. Did you know i waited on the CEO of Apple Computer the other week? Do you know his name? I don’t. Nice guy, though.


Shhhhhhhh. You and your goats go play, I’m trying to help the lady. :confused:


How many harddrives are in your machine? 1 or 2?

Do you have driver disks for your video, sound, network card/modem?

Windows XP
one harddrive
I don’t have driver disks - I can get them on the website…


very funny…

Bessy, PM me, I can help you … this is my area of employment.

Sure, go private. They laughed at Edison, too.

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Ah, the PM. It get’s better and better. I am going to give you my cell phone #!!! I will gladly pay you in emoticons Tuesday for advice today… I am desperate.

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Thank you. You are the best. System Restore!. Oh Yea!

Since we are on the topic of computers… who knows how to make your wireless network secure? I have wireless laptop. If I look at the list of wireless networks available and it requires a network key, does that mean it is secure… or can a hacker look into my system?

I need to cover up certain covert activities. :confused: