I need a wizard...

There’s something called WEP, I think, or something close. Find that and it should walk you through.

…or you could be a communist and let the community share :slight_smile:

Could you send me a link? I couldn’t find it.

Also, what anti-virus do you guys use?

WEP is useless, 128 bit encryption.

I have four utilities that break it in under forty five seconds.


Oh wait … damn it, I mean, my friend has the utilities, I’ve never used them anywhere, at any time, ever …

P.S. I use no anti-virus. Sygate Firewall for the PC, hardware firewall in the router, and Adaware and Spybot for Malware …

Plus I use Mozilla FireFox because IE BLOWS!!!

Suck one Gates, your products are shit.


I think that you have to figure out how to communicate to the broadcasting hub. That’s whatever is transmitting the internet to your computer. The password needs to be fixed in that device.

Mas told me that, but do I have to contact the server?

No, you just have to find out how to contact the wireless hub. Either a program will be installed on your computer, or the hub’s directions will tell you.

If you threw that away, then see if you can find a copy of the instructions for the model online.

This is embarrassing. What the hell is a hub?

Mr P - your have 666 posts. Hallloweeeeeeeeeeeen.

Indeed, look into my eyes…

The word “hub” is a general term for a junction of some sort, like train hub.

It just means the device that is transmitting. That should be hooked to whatever brings your internet in, or may be part of it.

haha. I do have a dictionary hon, I just had no idea how a “hub” is relative to the net. Thanks tho’…

What he means is a wireless router, or wireless access point.

Hubs are rarely used anymore, except in small LAN instances, as they are dumb hardware, like your basic switch.

You likely have a linksys, Netgear or D-Link router connected to your incoming broadband line … unless you goobed and bought some no-name off brand … LOL … oops, sorry Bessy … LOL.

I have sbcglobal which I think is a D-Link? Not a linksys. I wll never have Linsys again - I was on the phone to Pakistan for three hours in 2003. LOL

so, I have to call my phone service? My private activities are on hold until I get this covered, capiche?.

Get your minds out of the gutter. I am talking about my Christmas shopping.


Did SBC provide the router, not the broadband modem?

If it is D-Link or Linksys, it has a built in hardware firewall, but does require you to shut off ports that you do not have assigned for use. It should have come with a setup CD, with a wizard to help you through this particular function.

Don’t worry, I won’t share those pictures my friend retrieved off your harddrive … :astonished:

That’s the ticket!

:sunglasses: Yes, I am making everyone’s day manifesting my mid-life crises. That’s if I don’t get arrested first. That was funny, by the way. LMAO

Sounds like a 2Wire broadband DSL modem … or the shitty Motorola, which sucks ass. If it’s the 2Wire, Bessy is styling … if not … well, :cry:

? You thought I was kidding? :blush:

Always there for you Bessy, always there … :evilfun:

Don’t you dare unless you want me to make a regular call around hmmmmm… dinner time every night? :evilfun:

I have a 2Wire broadband DSL modem cause I am just so darn cool.

I’d rather you visit in person … I’m not much of a phone person. :evilfun:

Now why does that not surprise me?