I need some computer help...

I think I keep getting viruses, but I can’t figure out how. I completely rebooted my system and re-downloaded all of the windows updates. I reinstalled my spyware blocker, and ran a scan just for the hell of it- I had 3! How the hell is that possible? My computer was online, but I hadn’t visited anywhere yet. Should I change my IP? Can a virus survive a total reformat? I had to buy a new hard drive already, and now my A: drive thinks that I need to reformat my disks (which is a huge pain, as they had some important shit on them). Any advice will be appreciated.

solution #1(best solution) :

step 1 - format drive

step 2 - install Linux.

solution #2:

step 1 - Install all of the windows critical updates

step 2 - Install a good virus scanner (Norton or AVG)

step 3 - update virus scanner

step 4 - run it

step 5 - run adware/spyware cleaners.

If system is still infected, see solution #1

Every Windows computer is infested with spyware. Heck, I bet if I’d do a scan right now it’ll probably find about 50 of them. However, there is a difference between spyware and viruses. Although lots of spyware will surely slow down your computer they’re basically pretty harmless. I used to be a scan freak and I was constantly paranoid about viruses but now I just reinstall Windows every few months and it works for me.

I’m not infested with spyware. What’s my trick? I’m responsible. Heh.

Cookies are ok, and don’t bother me, but the badly coded programs that join in with other programs… bleh.

As for your virus problems, do you have the names of the viruses that came up. Norton and McAfee cannot quarantine all viruses… some you have to manually remove. (such as Sasser and Qhost)