I need to recover my ffox session real bad

I’m really eternaly indebted to the person who can help me with this.

I had a gigantic number of tabs open last night when I cloesd ffox, and as I clicked shut down to turn off the computer the HDD was still making laborious noises (from closing ffox) so I’m guessing that I interrupted the process of saving the session. Today when I opened ffox it just started with a blank page.

I did some googling and all sources say find SessionStore.js or sessionstore.bak, but when I check my C:\ffox\defaults\profile folder none are there. I also checked the Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles folder which holds a folder called oyqec3bc.default but that folder doesn’t hold the files I sopposedly need to find.

The closest I can find is nsSessionStore.js in the ffox\components folder and google turns up nothing on this.

Also, when I went into opetions in ffox it was set to open a blank page when I start ffox, but for a long time now it would actually restore my previous session. Maybe this is significant.

I have show hidden files and folders turned on.

Please help! If you can solve this problem, you will be saving a life!