I pledge allegiance to the flag...

as part of my thinking about the thread “Kropotkin and the state”
I was thinking about what it means to be an American?
What values or beliefs are really and truly American values and beliefs?

When conservatives call liberals and those on the left, terrorists,
communist, un-American, and my own personal favorite, traitors,
I then ask, which values and beliefs can that we hold as American’s,
that are values that we can all agree upon as being American values?

I offer into evidence as the first and original Pledge of Allegiance…
which goes like this:

“I pledge allegiance to my flag, and the Republic for which it stands,
one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

(and I note with some measure of satisfaction that the person who
wrote the original Pledge of Allegiance, was a socialist,
Francis Bellemy, in roughly 1895 wrote the Allegiance…)

and over the years many changes came to this idea of a Pledge
of Allegiance… until 1954 when the final changes came about
which added the words, “under god” (another historical note,
it was the Knights of Columbus that brought about this change to
the Allegiance and it wasn’t until 1954 that it was made law…
1954, or 5 years before I was born)

now the Allegiance goes like this:

“I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United State of America
and to the republic for which stands, one nation under God,
indivisible with liberty and justice for all”

but this pledge brings about questions…for example, “the republic for
which it stands” this pledge brings about several contradictions between
the words stated and the actions taken…and “for which it stands”
what does the “republic” actually stand for? It suggests with
“liberty and justice for all” but therein lies the problem…
how can we say we stand for liberty and justice if we, as presently
constituted, actively trying to take away the “liberty and justice” for
entire classes of people… for example, the ongoing attack on gays
and trans people… why aren’t they allowed liberty and justice, like the
rest of us? Why are they prevented from being who the are? where is
their liberty to be who they are and have the justice to allow them to
be themselves?

The ongoing war against abortion… why aren’t women allowed
to make decisions about their own body, to engage in “liberty and justice”
about their own bodies?

In their quest to make society look exactly like White America,
why does the conservative try to have a “homogenized America?”
Where everyone looks alike, act alike, thinks alike, and holds
the exact beliefs?

The belief of “liberty and justice” for all, requires that we
allow people the beliefs that they want to believe in, engage
in the gods they want to engage in, love and marry who they
want to love and marry, dress and hold jobs or not, to be
who they want to be, not what others demand they want to be…
for the very essence of the words, for “liberty and justice for all”
requires, demands that we each of us, understands the ideal
of liberty differently for each of us and the concept of “Justice”
is actually equality should be… for justice is simply equality applied
to all people, regardless of who they are, what they believe in,
how much money they make or who they pray to…

so which America are we actually standing for? The American that
believes in “liberty and justice for all” or the conservative idea of
‘‘liberty and justice’’ which is “liberty and justice” if you hold my
specific beliefs…

in other words, “liberty and justice” is conditional in the conservative
world… to have “liberty and justice” requires that you hold certain
beliefs to get that “liberty and justice” whereas the liberal holds to
“liberty and justice” as an unconditional value… which means for
everyone, regardless of their skin color or political beliefs…

and therein lies the difference between the conservative and the
liberal… for the liberal, the concept of “liberty and justice for all”
is applied to everyone, that the concept of “liberty and justice” is not
a conditional process but an unconditional process that everyone,
EVERYONE is allowed to…

but the conservative applies “liberty and justice” to those who
hold the exact same beliefs as the conservative does…and this
attempt to homogenized America is doomed to failure
because we all can’t be, or act or look like everyone else…
we are who we are, and we must accept that unconditionally…
and within that word lies the difference between the
liberal and the conservative, the conservative holds to
the conditional and the liberal holds to the unconditional…
for the conservative, love is conditional and for the liberal,
love is unconditional…

So what does America stand for? do we stand for
a nation that can only act conditionally for others
or do we stand for an America that holds to the

answer that question and you now know the path into
the future…


Fascism: “I pledge allegiance”

Ein Volk, ein gott,

K: and this is part of the question… to what exactly am I pledging my
allegiance to? the right wing attacks on democracy or the racism
that lays at the heart of the modern day conservative movement or
or perhaps to the rampant Xenophobia that IQ45 and his allies
has exhibited? I have no interest in those widespread fears of
the right wing… and remember what exactly drive the conservative?
Fear and hate… and I have provided the long list of some of the
things that the right wing fears… for example Obama, democracy, intelligence,
people of color, women, foreigners, … as a small example of things
that the right wing fears…(doubt me, then why does the right wing pushes
a pro-gun agenda and demands strong police and armed forces?)

the left, liberals don’t push a pro-gun agenda because we aren’t afraid
of everything… and without fear, we don’t need guns to “protect” us…

so ask yourself, why does the right wing fear idea’s like the CRT
and this allege “wokeness” of the left?

the basic premise of both is that we have legalized prejudice
and hatred into the political and judicial system…

the idea of “wokeness” is simply an idea that we are human beings
who are becoming aware of our own nature… and that nature includes
us being prejudice against people, for whatever reason…
that is all “wokeness” is, becoming aware of who we are…
and what command/maxim lies at the heart of philosophy?

to know thyself… to become aware of… and the greatest fear
a modern day conservative has, is to become aware of… we might
find out things about ourselves that is scary or unbearable or
embarrasses us… heaven forbid we find out the truth about ourselves…

so when I pledge allegiance to the flag, what principles am I
pledging allegiance to? the fear driven hatred of the right or
the example that accepting that being “woke”, aware of who
we are, is a good thing… they say knowledge is power, so who
has greater power in terms of knowledge, the left, those willing to
examine their values and become “woke” aware of, or the right who are afraid
of what they are… and are afraid of an evaluation of values…