I quit like a quiter and it feels okay

I no longer consider myself an artist. I’m more of a lazy bum. Writing a novel was my dream. I think I’m talented, but I just don’t have the patience or the passion for it. It has become a hassle. Stress Strain. Emotionally draining. Too much.

Whatever anyone tells you, remember that hard work beats talent almost always.

The past decade has revolved around writing, hole-ing myself up, securing the private time, concentrating, practicing, editing, while at the same time missing out on life. I even dropped out of college specifically so I could write a book. That was 10 years ago. pathetic.

Basically, I’ve done more expressing myself on paper than in action in my real life. And I’m closing in on thirty years old.

Its time to get out of my hole. Live a regular life of interaction. Time to find something new. :smiley:

any suggestions? what keeps you peeps busy?

jobs, friends and intrests for most peeps…

I’m a heavy drug user. Shitfaced, right now. Seems to pass the time.

are you serious? people around here always suggest doing drugs to pass the time.

I kinda wish they wouldn’t because I’m a fiend with a alcohol/drug problem.

gets me in trouble.

anyway, if you can handle it, good for you, I guess.

Almost anything can have a narcotic effect on the mind.

My drug of choice is bloodlust.

It brings the whole body alive, draws the mind into focus, and adrenaline is captivating.

Difference is, I’m my own dealer.

“You should never get high, on you own supply”

I’m about to become an artist again in two seconds. Behold. The transformation. From one inconsistent moment to the next.

Eat drink and be merry.

Ironically – writing novels :laughing:

I would suggest meditation also.

“Look ma, I’m in a theta-state trance”

  1. Posting on ILP
  2. Posting elsewhere
  3. watching youtube/google video/metacafe
  4. Finding new avatars
  5. Drinking

That’s about all I do outside of studying.

Kev - I can string a sentence together, if I try. My last try was writing a satirical column for a local newspaper. I didn’t enjoy it, mostly because people would approach me in a store or at work and talk about my column. It’s a very small town, and it doesn’t take much to become a “celebrity”. I wrote one particularly inflammatory piece, about the way young people are routinely mistreated in official ways here, and had to endure many moronic “rejoinders” from people who just didn’t get that I was kidding (I burlesqued the topic). It sucked, and was boring. I stopped.

Writing may not be the best art for someone with an alcohol problem, which I do not have. Just a general observation.

I also was a fair saxophone player when I was young. I played tenor. I toy with the idea of getting a baritone now - came very close a couple of years ago - they’re expensive, but I could do it. Thought about trying to find a blues band or a ska band to insinuate myself into. I think that whatever decision I make will be the right one. I think that’s a good general rule. Do what makes you happy. Just remember that the artistic life has never been known for this - more often, it is a celebration of, or an attempted escape from, something more like unhappiness (or both). You can only follow your gut in this, I think.

Yeah, faust, a lot of artists I identify with are considered mentallly ill, have committed suicide, or just died from drug overdoses. These people have produced works of art I admire, and yet their lives were miserable. So you’re spot on about the happiness route. I’ll have to check myself before I wreck myself.

Its sounds like you’ve been into some very interesting things yourself. I dont blame you for quiting the column. Some people just dont get satire. Have you ever read American Psycho by bret easton Ellis. Its a graphic novel but dark hilarity ensues. I would recommend that to anyone who enjoys satire. Be warned though, its a gruesome laugh.

By the way, the ska band would be awesome.

Haven’t read it. I love ska, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and therefore does take itself seriously. Mostly a temperamental predeliction of mine.

I have known many artists personally - used to live that sort of life, in that milieu - who were not happy, and who in some sense fueled that unhappiness with their art, perhaps in the very attempt to overcome that unhappiness - maybe a clearer formulation than my previous one. But sometimes we must be what we are - despite where it leads. It’s just not a path I would choose without reflection, if I had another that seemed might be a good one.

I think I was not ready to be an artist. Maybe I never will be.

Yeah, I’ve tried to quit on many occasions, as witnessed by this thread. I figured if I announced it, I would stick to it.

But I think I have a masochism thing going. Stick the dagger in, and twist.

I’d love to do something else in life. But I would need to re-create my entire identity. That’s a hard business.

I’m glad you escaped the trappings of you’re artistry, but I wonder if some of you’re dreams died along with that escape.

I would have gotten laid more often, I think. Seriously, everything is a tradeoff.

haha. some dreams die hard. I picture the same thing. Ah . . . meeting people that is.