I remember

[i]Despite your flaws,
I think you’re fantastic,
The shades of purple and blue in your hair,
The colors changing in the light,
I remember lighting your cigarette,
I remember you saying how cool I was for lighting it,
It made my heart stop,
You lost your bow,
I remember helping you look for it,
I remember telling you I’d buy you a new one,

Sitting on the cement,
Waiting for a ride,
Sitting on the camero,
Waiting for a cigarette.

I remember you not wanting to finish yours,
So I traded yours for mine,
I remember walking alongside you,
When you said I was cool,
I remember talking about poetry and music,
And how you looked at me,
I remember the vodka and orange juice,
And how you drink better than me,
I remember thinking you were someone else,
And asking for you,
I remember you sitting next to me,
Laughing the night away when everything was “cool”,

But most of all I remember waking,
Waking up in a strange place,
I remember looking for you and not seeing you,
I remember not saying goodbye.[/i]

I really enjoyed this piece.

Some say it is always easy to tell when love ends but not so much when it begins, I would say the opposite. I really like that you begin the first few lines of the poem in present tense and then switch to past–really makes it clear that the end to love is rather ambiguous (possibly, it never does end).

Strong ending

As for it not being clear when love begins, it’s like falling asleep. You’re never really conscious of the moment of falling asleep, but you know you did fall asleep at some point when you wake up.

I agree with btrfly on that the end of love can be ambiguous in its own way. Yeah, it never really does end --especially if it truly was love-- but just ebbs to a background hum. My last break up was a doozy and hurt like the mother of all SOB’s but I harbor no ill will towards my Ex; but, although I do occasionally think about her and wonder about her (if she’s OK) I know accept her as a big part of my past and have moved on. What we had is now a fossil in the cliffside, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still trace warmth that comes over me when thoughts of her come, but there’s no pang of regret anymore either. I know --based on how our relationship ended-- that she’s not going to be a part of my future, b/c I’m sure not going to invite that pain again. Once bitten - twice shy as the cliche saying goes. I just hope she’s happy and she’s found the peace and well-being she needed that I wasn’t able to ultimately provide.