I think I have a problem...

I think I more prefer women aesthetically rather than personally.


P.S. I’m also concerned that the western world is disintegrating like a wet biscuit…

A distinction between aesthetic and more idealist notions such as “personality” implies a deficient aesthetic sensibility.

I’m not kidding. Ask the big A.

Could be because most people have bad personalities… it’s hard to find someone who you are compatible with on a character/personality level, but when you do… :wink:

It is disintegrating.

What qualifies a “bad” personality? That makes absolutely no sense.

Hi Trevor I know what you mean. I managed to find after many years a woman who was not only beautiful but very funny and smart and just plain cool as hell. But living with her was not easy at all, womens and mens personalities are so mismatched often that I wonder how the race procreates at all, or how families stay together at least. But probably we are just maladapted and most men love to chat with women on a daily basis form the early morning until they fall asleep, not me though it drives me slightly mad after a while (and positively crazy after a long period).

But what are you gonna do, sleep with men??

The older I get the more I find women similar/predictable. I don’t really condone it, but I see where you are coming from with your comment. If chances are the personality is going to be the same as every other woman, why not aim moreso for looks?

Honest question – did it occur to you that perhaps women find many men to be similar/predictable? At a much earlier age, unfortunately, most of us start to realize it around the mid-teens.

…neither does some people’s personalities, but what can one do :confusion-shrug:

I’m sure what you mean to say is that some people’s personalities don’t make sense to you.

Also, answer the question.

I did!

…and most people do have bad personalities… by my standards - they make perfect sense as to why they are like that, but they are still bad.

Yeah and you want us predictable too… bitches… :laughing:
no really, women are what makes a society and they cant have outcasts so they go for the most predictable bastards.

You know a guy is a good pickup artist if he manages to say the most obvious things as if he’s describing a miracle. And it’s not like he ends up with the dumbest cows either, smart women seem to enjoy being fooled equally badly as the stupid ones.

Okay Mags, but this still isn’t an answer to the question I asked you.

What qualifies a bad personality?

I’ve encountered very few people in my life who had zero redeeming qualities. One may dislike a person and still acknowledge that there are good things about them. Honestly, I can only think of one person off the top of my head who I would say has a “bad personality”, and he’s a member of this forum.

What? This is a very…sophomoric view. You’re just in the beginning stages of your woman-hating, I see. Good luck with that.

I think it occurs to all of us around the same time. It did for me. Honestly.

Lately I seem to be having that thought more and more, though.

I don’t like it.

Perhaps you should change your approach. It may be that you’re only seeing what you expect to see because you’re not looking any deeper.

Nah, I just need to get a job that isn’t customer service.

I think only feeling this way because for the past year I’ve been selling iPads to shells.

Well I wasn’t entirely serious… the women I have been with and grew up with did not like to be deceived so much, not if it wasn’t creating some great mood that they enjoyed at least, and this goes for most men as well. Deception is a thing we humans like a lot, we need it so we create art and stuff, and why we wear clothes, nice ones that make us look different than we would look naked… If we were all such big fans of honesty we’d walk around naked if it’s warm enough but we have to cover at least our genitals and women their breasts, which is a kind of deception. “Hiding the truth” you can also call it which is what pickup artists do, they hide the obvious truth that they just want to have sex and then dump the woman by telling the woman how much they are interested in her beautiful personality. I could never do that it stresses the hell out of me to have to be constantly on alert like that. I just get high and drunk and dance and let women come to me which works out fine for what I’m interested in (not the whole hunting game it is too predictable) it is maybe gay or not very alpha male. But then sometimes I’ll walk over to a woman who is looking at me sexually and just kiss her without saying some phony introduction. Admittedly I have only done this a couple of times in my life but that was very satisfying and truthful even with all the people standing around shaking their heads as if I’m breaking some rule. I probably am but it feels good to do that.

Big A?

Although I dislike being called “deficient” I’m intrigued nonetheless, explain yourself a little more.

It’s something like this that kicked off my panic. I’ve recently met a girl who, on paper, checks all the boxes, yet I feel like I’m not attracted to her. It doesn’t make sense. If I were to insist on the “sense” then I am attracted to her but it’s a type of attraction I’ve not experienced before, maybe this one comes on slowly…normally I’m just immediately infatuated, shit, I couldn’t get over a woman I saw on the subway recently for about a 5 days and that was just because of how she dangled her shoe off her foot…Mmmmm… =P~

I consider the compromise myself too, many times, but I just can’t indulge in superficiality for too long…it weighs on my conscience too much…

…but not as much as an ugly woman… :laughing:

If I was a real artist I’d sit in the metro all day and in stations and atriums and picking up every girl after another who is dangling her shoe like that. And all of the rest of the ones who are doing the same with their assets, a girl should show her assets if she’s nice and not be bitchy about it. Men must do it other ways otherwise it is gay and we don’t accept that. If you feel like this girl is going to be an interesting experience you can never tell what lies ahead but commitment can be made by someone who knows himself which means knows his drives and that is the price in this society, you can’t get around monogamy because its in the morality of the majority and I wonder sometimes how sad that is. Otherwise you could have a lot more choices in your life and paths to take as a species. Marriage is like a kind of breeding system, I think nature should be allowed to breed freely.