I used to rule the world

Note: In the following I am going to use the word "Europeans“ for all those people who are of European origin (except those who are globalists), regardless where they currently live.

China started its protectionism politics about 2200 years ago by building the big wall. Why should the Europeans not start doing it today too? The answer is that the globalists do not want the Europeans to do it, and that all European politicians are the henchmen of the globalists.

During the so-called "cold war“ the peoples of the NATO-bloc were told that the NATO was a "military defense alliance“ - a lie. At the very latest since the 1990’s we have clearly experienced that the NATO is not a "military defense“ but a military offense alliance. The Europeans have to reform the NATO, so that it can be a real military defense alliance. This is possible without huge economical disadvantages, if they start doing this as soon as possible. The later they will start doing this, the more expensive their doing and the more likely their breakup or even extinction will become.

The demographic development is one point, but the huge economic and military power - both based on and correlative with the technological advance the Europeans still have - is the other point. As long as the said advance will remain, the Europeans will be capable of doing whatever they want, provided that this doing will serve real European interests. So we have two questions in this case: (1) Will the Europeans start defending themselves early enough? (2) How long will the said advance remain?

But I fear that the Europeans will further on serve the globalists. In that case, we can only hope that the globalists will some day get their senses back, get some common sense. The last chance for the Europeans in the case of remaining homogenous will be one country somewhere on this planet (or on the planet Mars or the moon Europa? :slight_smile: ), but even then they will have to calculate on much resistance against them. In the long run, the globalists themselves will have no future either. After that globalistic era many solutions will be possible, also SAM or a reign of machines (AI).