I used to rule the world

The best we can hope for is massive civil war and domestic insurrection in the west when western nations finally collapse. Afterwards there will be a great rebuilding project.

Given the rest of the world’s negative opinions of the west I doubt they’ll try to intervene in any of that letting us fight it out amongst ourselves. Global conflict or wars with other nations is simply not at option at this point of history, that should be shunned completely.

Western nations will fracture, splinter, and divide where new lines of territories will be made. Western territories will essentially become smaller where nations like the United States will probably split into five or six territorial segments. At this point we Europeans will never regain the whole or entirety of our former traditional nations ever again where we’ll have to settle for much smaller homogenous territories to rebuild ourselves, that’s a hard pill to swallow of course as there will be tremendous losses but it is better with that than nothing at all speaking purely of future possibilities. Sometimes less is better.