I was thinking about Jesus...

They say Jesus’ story is the greatest story that will ever be told… that makes all of our stories pointless, and all of our lives too. This would be true for anyone who had the greatest story ever told or that could ever be told. Can’t God just keep creating greater and greater stories into infinite regress, to give the rest of our lives meaning? Perhaps the greatest story ever told gives all of our lives meaning, which would solve the paradox. Do you think that person has been born yet? That makes everyone thankful for the lives they’ve been given?

Not logical.
Let’s say that Jesse Owens was the greatest sprinter ever. That does not mean that sprinting was pointless for all the other sprinters. It was important to them. Their lives were different because of the fact that they sprinted. The greatness of Jesse Owens did not negate their own efforts.

Greatest is subjective, so that alone destroys your entire argument.

If everyone could sprint as fast as they wanted, people wouldn’t sprint anymore, because there’s no point in competing. This is a basic law of the cosmos as well, if everyone is maximally efficient at any type of competition, people will stop competing out of boredom. We’re dealing with what is supposedly a tale of maximal efficiency, so that does actually make all of our lives pointless.

But they can’t. Which makes everything that you say after this phrase irrelevant.

Who says the story of Jesus is the greatest story that will ever be told anyway? There’s all that stuff that comes later for Christians. Are we really basing a theological argument on a misquoted movie title here?

If true, otherwise its a story about a dude who’s mum got pregnant by someone other than her husband, and jesus was some insane dude who went around rambling on about stuff that isn’t true.

Besides, le morte d’arthur is better, and star wars, star trek etc. or better still, a complete book of history is surely the greatest story, as it includes the bible [if it were true] or some of it that is true.