I was thinking...

Perhaps there should be some further designations for ILP posters who go beyond 2000 or 2500 or 3000 posts.

Maybe something like;

2000 - ILP Sage
2500 - ILP Geezer
3000 - ILP Junkie



Funny, I was thinking the same idea not too long ago…

It does seem pretty hollow if the title gimmick ends with “Legend.”
Here’s my take:

2000 - ILP Mystic (Denoting that legends become myths.)
3000 and up - ILP Founder (Denoting that "if you’ve posted this much, everyone ought to know who you are…)

Btw how are ranks now, are Thinker and Philosopher integrated when you reach X posts or what?

Yep. I believe that ‘Thinker’ starts at 200, if I am not mistaken. ‘Legend’ starts at 1000. ‘Philosopher’ is somewhere in between.

‘ILP Mystic’ is a good one.

5000 - ILP Symbiont (Denoting the fact that you are now ‘one’ with the forum - in the sense that you have no life)


LOL… I like that one… and even more profoundly:

10,000 - ILP God/Goddess (Denoting that if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably made sure your life comes second to the well-being of ILP.com.)

I don’t know, it seems like legend ought to be the limit as far as post count goes. Actually, post count says that either you have tenacity or stupidity to stay the course long enough to actually hit 1000 posts. I’m more concerned with some of our better thinkers who may have relatively low posting numbers, but every post is of the highest caliber. A thousand one-liners doesn’t say much about the member posting. It would be nice if we could come up with some sort of recognition that is connected to the contribution made to the forum, not just post count.


Yes I had been thinking this also. :slight_smile:

Which is why I unveil the following masterpieces of creativity;

  1. Number of days since joining ILP divided by posts = index ratio for determining tag


1b. Those who post more than once a day on average, have a different tag to those who post less.

  1. ILP Heavy Mod Status could be reflected in the tag.

  2. Those who post predominantly in the Rant House/Mundane Babble sections, could have a different tag to those who post mainly in the philosophy section - or whatever you get the idea.


I think they should just be used to put in whatever you want… I know it’s not possible for us to actually do it cause the forum crashes or it’s a glitch or something… but maybe you could make a sticky with ‘name requests’ for ben.

I think all the heirachy stuff is a little besides the point


I just find it scary that my ramblings account for 1.11% of total posts… :astonished:

How about a word count rather than a post count…? Mind you, then Satyr would take over the world.

I’ve not looked at my % score recently, though I’m sure it’s higher than I’d like to think it is.

If we had a word count it’d have to distinguish between original bits of writing and bits purloined from other people’s posts in the form of quotations. Otherwise I’d be much higher than I deserve to be.

I also like ‘ILP Symbiont’

I also think the first tag should be slightly more derogatory. ‘ILP infant’ ‘ILP idiot’. Something to encourage new posters to post more.

we are always looking for quality, not quantity