I was unable to go to ILP for a couple of days!!!

ever since a couple days ago,whenever i tried to get to ILP the browser would say “server is takeing too long too respond OR cannot find server” wtf? i had presumed the site was down untill i noticed i was still getting e-mail notifications from ILP topics AFTER i could not get in! what is going on? is it the site security upgrades or what???

i have both fire fox and IE,but both could access ILP. it started for no apparent reason,with no changes to my computer/internet connection i am aware of.

i was locked out for a couple days. that was disturbing! it feels like a home here…

is there something i sould be aware of?


It was divine intervention, God wants you to get a life.


unhappily, He is asking me the same

Fabio might be going away too…soon…

a pity

You aren’t going anywhere, you’ve only just begun the work that you were put here to do…

Hi Drift,

We’ve not had any downtime this month - it’s likely to be your ISP or your connection in some way. Next time this happens, there is a very simple way for you to tell why it is happening.

If you’re using windows, go to Start> Run. Enter CMD and hit enter.

You should see a command prompt. Type in 'tracert ilovephilosophy.com’ and then notice which ‘hop’ i.e. which line of the output the connection fails at, or takes a long time to produce. It is this part of the internet that is causing you problems.

If you don’t understand the output from it feel free to email me at will[at]oxfordhost.co.uk and Ill explain what you might need to do to improve your connection.


Tab, i find your consistent antagonism disturbing. it is no miracle for a computer to screw up!!! :laughing:

what makes you presume i am healthy enough to go out and get a job to work my life away with? this is as good as it gets.

thank you for the info OBW.