i would like to learn philosophy

I would like to learn more about philosophy, but I just don’t know where to turn. If anybody has any advice for me please help! My boyfriend just does not want to even though I have asked him on numerous occasions. Please help!!!

philosophy encompasses loads of different topics and multiple contradictory approaches to each one. perhaps tell us what interests you about philosophy so we can get a better idea of what you’d like to learn.

How philosophy was discovered and how far it dates back to.

It dates back as far as written history, and probably earlier. According to most Western thought, rigorous philosophy truly started with the Greeks, but I’m sure that’s disputed. Perhaps you should read some about the early Greek philosophers, that could be an interesting place to start (but don’t you dare plan on stopping there).

Philosophy=love of wisdom
philosopher=lover of wisdom.

Ancient man looked at the sky and asked, what are those bright lights in the sky and
why do they travel across the night sky?
Some asked: what is the essential ingredient of the universe?
Some asked: what is the meaning of life?

It is not about finding the answers, for that can take a lifetime,
but instead it is finding the right question.

We all have a question or two that keeps us awake at night.

I have spent a life time just finding my question.

In reading the multitudes of books out there, I wasn’t looking for answers,
I was looking for my question.

Ethics, theology, political philosophy, epistemology, history, science, economics,
fiction. I own over 4000 books and I have read a thousand more.
Looking, searching for my question.

The day came when the print on books is so small that I don’t read much anymore,
but I found something out when I stopped reading. the question that I had been looking for
wasn’t in some book, but the question was within me.

I was not interested in how life began or what created the universe or how government
came into being. I was interested in “what is this all about”

The human experience and what does it mean. that is my question.

Nothing less then what does it mean to be human and what is the next step.
Not to A.I for that doesn’t interests me, but what is the next step for the human race.

For that I needed to know what is the meaning of life and what is my meaning
and that is two distinct and separate questions… And there I am.

So what is your question?


Philosophy is a curious and reflective mode of thinking. It emerged out of the human desire to think about more than daily affairs - to contemplate the world.

Try this.