I would like to propose a new religion

I would like to propose a new religion; bases on faith in the all powerful; based on belief that our creator is nothing; based on the belief that our creator created all forms of life and all forms of non life; based on belief that nothing has all power; based on belief that nothing is good unless nothing is evil unless nothing is neither good or evil unless nothing is good or evil; based on the belief that nothing is magic; based on the belief that nothing is supernatural; based on the belief that nothing defeats the mind and we choose to listen to our hearts because we can’t figure nothing out. We will jointly establish this religion because we can all agree on nothing. We jointly establish this religion because nothing is greater than you and nothing has more authority than you.

Hear hear! This is my take on it.


And I too want to propose a new religion; based on hearing the now by listening before; based on knowing that you are everything in your nothing because you’re something; based on finding the future questions to nobody’s answers; based on reciprocating by procreating at a state of rest.

Why do people have a drive/longing for self-annihilation (reunification with God)?

It’s not so much that they long for self-annihilation as they long for certain states of mind. These states of mind can be described as being at ease while ‘receiving’ wisdom that the “person” can’t really rationalize–but nevertheless equate as the source of the ‘inner peace’–and see as coming from a “voice” (or intelligence, or knower, etc.) that is distinct from oneself.

Agreed. I don’t think it is self anihilation that individualities search for as much as it is a reconnection with All There Is. I believe this desire for reconnection is what drives everything else we do, and it is an underlying desire that sources the desire for knowledge, religion, and so on. The notion of self anihilation comes from the understanding that this reconnection with the Whole will cancel our individuality, which I don’t think is the case. I believe the reconnection to be the achievement of synchonicity between our minds and the Mind of the Whole. If you look at the root for the word religion, it comes from the Latin “religare” which literally means “to reconnect”. Reconnect with what? You may ask. I believe it is the reconnection I mention above. Not only with the Organizing Force of the Universe, but also with each other, as I believe all of us are connected on that same underlying level.

Kenatheos: Empty God; God Void; Emptiness of God; Voidness of God.

Kenatheism: Belief of a God in which is Empty of anything; Void.

Kenatheist: An adherent to Kenatheism

That would be my suggestion for the name of this theology.

But one question:
How does this theology offer anything separate to one’s life than what Nihilism offers?

so is this some kind of neo buddhism? with a void as the ultimate reality? some kind of supreme nothing? despite how this seems to clash with every possible experience we have in life? (a nothing, or a void, have you ever experienced one?) hmmmmm…
an impersonal understanding of god, one can argue for, but this seems to break the rule that something cannot both exist and not exist at the same time.
If I got the wrong impression, please explain to me more clearly, but I could not make much sense of the first few posts.
and how could such a belief system, which is all about the human, and completely negating the divine, be termed a religion?

Firstly, stevenlchilds won’t respond so don’t hold your breath there.


Divinity isn’t required of religion; it’s required of theism.
You can have religion without a divine concept.

There are such actually; mostly found in the mystic religions, but also in variations of Buddhism.

I too would like to propose a clever form of wordplay where it appears I am proposing the exact opposite of what I intend…


Sorry, I guess I tend to equate religion with theism. when you say

this is something strange for me, and i think this is on some level a ploy by more or less atheistic groups to be seen as religions. Dont get me wrong, there is a lot i admire about Buddhism, but I would not call it a religion per se. A worldview maybe, a philosophy, but their goal is dissolution, a kind of ontological suicide, a final end to their existence, not re-linking with the divine, which is the literal connotation of religion.

Anyway, this is off topic.
Can someone explain to me about what the original poster means by nothing? when he says “nothing has all power”, does he take “nothing” as an entity in itself which has power, or that nothing is powerful?

And when he says -

is this meant to be understandable or is the intent purposefully to imply the mystery of the divine?

I wouldn’t dare assume to speak for the OPer, but the issue would tend, I suppose, to depend on one’s notion of (the origins of) power. If power can only arise within context, then nothing is completely powerless. If, rather, power supervenes context, then nothing is (potentially) all powerful. For nothing (ar)is(es) outside of all context. What one might mean by supervenience, however, remains in question, and thus context, such that nothing may not be thought to supervene. Perhaps, alternatively, power is nothing. But that’s just crazy!

Yes, but I’m only guessing…

I must disagree; primarily because my personal religious perspective is based on lacking any regard for the divine; transtheism.

Secondly, I cannot agree because of religious humanism, unitarian universalism (the variants that do not believe in God), and religious naturalism.

However, you are correct; these groups are atheistic groups; however, they are never-the-less, religions.
They are classed accordingly as atheistic theologies, or atheistic religions, or transtheism (if the given perspective just ignores the issue and takes no stance).
Also sometimes referred to as religious nontheism.

Many theologians refer to these groups occasionally as “liberal theologies”, or if they dislike their being attributed so closely to the theologians own belief, will just class them as “atheist movements” in one way or the other.

But they are not “atheist movements” as they seek nothing (most of them) to do with the ongoing debate between atheism and theism proper.
Instead, most of these religions tend to focus on spiritual presence of the human soul, nature’s soul, communal soul, universal soul, or any combination of these.

In fact, there are atheistic religious humanisms that hold an afterlife by the salvation of man by man alone into the eternal communal soul of the universe.

So there is no direct requirement for a god, gods, goddess, or goddesses to exist for a spiritual position to be a religion.

there is a religion to suit each person … untold religions, and all are part and parcel of the Truth, of the Universal Love…

What-so-ever you wish, then let it be so according to your own capabilities … simply enjoy your being … and cause as little distrubance upon others is quite sufficient to grow and transcend … enjoy life … :slight_smile:

I would like to also propose a new religion.

In this religion everyone worships me.
Everyone listens to everything that I say.
Everyone agrees with me.
Everyone sees me as all powerful.
Everyone sees me as all wise.
Everyone see me as kind, loving and compassionate.
Everyone sees me as a nice person.
Everyone sees me as perfect and free from faults.
Everyone sees me as all knowing.

I have already created this religion - it really exists.

:confusion-confused: … me
At the moment it only has one follower :text-imwithstupid: … me.

But I plan on expanding this - as world domination is my goal.
All I need to do is to convince people that I am supreme.
I have been trying to do this for many years now, but I still only have one follower of my religion.
But, each and every day, I am getting closer to convincing the world that I am supreme.

Note: This is all very true and for this reason it is very scary.

I think I have made progress and then find out how little I have travelled and how far I have to go.
Back to the drawing board. :obscene-tolietpush: