I would like to say something

I realize that as I cried tonight at a campus crusade gathering… My actions on this site don’t represent Christianity to the best. It’s hard to find a happy medium between offending someone while yet defending my beliefs… We all seem to hold ‘our’ beliefs sacred. I have been defending Christianity while being a backslidden Christian. I claim I do this for God while I do it for self gratification. I’m being sincere here, and I don’t want attacks from sage or anyone at this point. But what I’m telling you is, from now on I will do my best to defend where I see it fit, and I will ignore anything that seems irrelevant. Please realize, while many of you keep in high regard other’s beliefs the same as mine, Christianity… We never ‘seem’ to argue any other God’s or criticize any other’s beliefs apart from Christianity… So please, if I may ask, when asking ‘me’ a question, ask me because you want to know, not because you want to sway my beliefs, I will do that myself If I see it fit. But as far as I know, my faith has never been stronger than it is now, everytime I try to do better, Satan attacks. The chances of it being pure coincidental are way to off. I know to many of you don’t believe in supernatural things, but this is partly because you are not a threat to Satan, and I haven’t been either for quite some time. I’m planning on dedicating myself to answer every serious question that many of you may have.

Thanks, Caleb.

What I’d like to know is: can you quote verses from the bible? Can you locate certian scriptures in the bible? I’d like to participate in discussing the bible because I think the bible has full of teachings and we can really learn a lot from the bible. We are not trying to sway others to believe in God or Jesus but I think the bible deserves studying. I’d like to learn the bible. For example, how was Moses able to separate the red sea?

Hi Club29,

I don’t know whether you saw my thread on this subject, but I think it is worth repeating. Sin is essentially a little schizophrenic not supernatural. Humankind is dualistic in mind and body and is unable to gain the full picture of reality. We tend to be on the one side or the other and sometimes we even ask who did what we ourselves did in our alter ego. The “adversary” is that other side, which, as long as we don’t care, doesn’t disturb us. When we start trying to be better or stronger, our other side becomes apparent – although we can’t master it.

What is the answer? It is humility! Only when we stop trying to be better, accept our sinfulness and surrender to the Unity and completeness in God does the healing of our ailment begin. Trying to do more good than we do evil is delusive and only awakens your adversary. You have to break out of the polarity of sin and seek the completeness of God. Alaha is the Aramaic word for God and Unity. Therefore, to overcome your disorder, you need first to accept that it is you and not something supernatural that weakens your attempt to be whatever you think you should be. There are not two Gods, one called Satan and one Father, there is one and he is the Unity of Being itself.

Mat 11:28-30
‘Come unto me, all ye labouring and burdened ones, and I will give you rest, take up my yoke upon you, and learn from me, because I am meek and humble in heart, and ye shall find rest to your souls, for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’


I agree. I should have clarified however that it wasn’t Satan who was causing me to sin, even though he has some influence, I still have the control. What I was however explaining was when I get close with God, I can see Satan is trying to stop me from this in any way he can.

Do you work, Bob?

I want to know how you aquire money.

Hi De’trop,

I’m a Care-Manager in a Church Elderly Care organisation.


How are you paid?

Wages, salary? Is the church privately funded? Charity, donations, public…what?

Hi Club,

Why do you need to defend your beliefs? By saying so, are you not closing the options of changing your beliefs? And then, if you do not want to change any of your beliefs, may I humbly ask, why are you here at ILP?

Hi De’trop,

Wages, since we are required by law to fulfil certain regulations. In Germany there is an institution called the “Pflegeversicherung” which is there to guarantee long term care, whether through impairment, sickness or old age. However, we have to perform little miracles, since our income depends on the number of residents and their respective “care grade”. At the same time we are meant to reduce their care grade by helping them become more independent and able to cope. So if we do our job well, we have less income. On the other hand, we are controlled by various instances that check that we do actually attempt to achieve that.

It’s a funny world …


Hey Robo,

Good questions. I feel the need to defend because Christianity because there are so many common misconceptions about what we believe. People believe almost anything they hear, and if it’s what they want to hear, they won’t question it. I am the opposite, I listen attentively and decide whether it’s certain to the best of my abilities of certainty. So, I feel on this site, not only do I get the chance to clear things up, I can also understand more of why I believe, or possibly more of why I shouldn’t, but the latter hasn’t seemed very convincing to me.

As far as to changing my beliefs, Listen to Chesterton here:

“The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

It would be very naive to assume everyone on here is trying to change what they believe, instead they believe something and they want to more firmly ground that belief, if they find it is problematic, than they will abandon when they feel it necessary, this is considering of course that they don’t have hidden agendas behind why they believe what they do; they could very well be stubborn and refuse, but then, why would anyone want to live like this?

But more directly to your last question, I’m here to clear up misconceptions and answer questions as to my beliefs, and may I do it for the glory of God.