Iambiguous! Let’s do this again!

Iambiguous: “that all rational people are obligated to agree with”

Me: I’ll do you one further! That ALL people are obligated to agree with!

Hit someone’s foot with a hammer and make them a cripple for life. This violates their consent.

Even the craziest of the crazy understand this.

We have a moral truth that ALL beings agree with: consent violation is bad. Morality is objective.

Also, zero sum realities are bad, this is also morally objective. For every winner in a zero sum consent violating reality there is one or more losers!

Even if there is no god, there is the endless cycle of revenge, and nobody wants to be the recipient of the revenge upon what they wrought upon someone.

These are moral absolutes.


But I repeat myself:

Really? That’s your response to not wanting to get your foot hit with a hammer!

You’re a fucking liar and hypocrite hiding behind a keyboard.

I don’t believe you for a nano second. Neither does anyone else.

Just stop the charade. Wait, the charade is the only thing that gives you meaning… lying everyday.

Okay then, you win.

On the other hand: :banana-linedance:

Note to others: You decide.

Here’s the deal iambiguous. I’d NEVER smash your foot with a hammer. But man, you talk a lot of shit, and there are lots of people who’d love to accommodate your stated words. This little ILP bubble that you’re in where you insult everyone who doesn’t want their consent violated and defends consent violation everyday is not reality man!

The world is fucking fierce! I’m giving you a heads up.

I often tell people that the most dangerous job in existence is to defend EVERYONE!!!

Why? People who seek revenge hate you and people who want to attack someone make a simple decision, “if I attack this person, I get fucked up, but, if I attack the person who says they forgive me… no consequence! I’m going for the person who says they forgive me!”

Moral nihilism is a form of defending everyone.

You live a sheltered life, and you know it, so you agitate the logic of every being who exists to garner attention for yourself. How many parents would beat a child who throws battery acid on them? Not many! Because it’s just a fucking child! You as a “grown man”, take this and your anonymity as free reign to say shit everyday that everyone knows is false.

Then there’s the only person defending you on these boards, the ex troll moderator, now just reduced to being a simple troll … like is attracted to like.

You have no argument iambiguous.

This shit is bananas. be ay en ay en ay ess

:angry-screaming: :banana-dance: :banana-angel: :banana-blonde: :banana-dreads: :banana-explosion: :banana-fingers: :banana-gotpics: :banana-guitar: :banana-jumprope: :banana-ninja: :banana-rainbow: :banana-rock: :banana-skier: :banana-stoner: :banana-tux: :banana-wrench: :angry-screaming:

[size=50]unless of course I’m wrong[/size]


[url=https://youtu.be/LVUcz6wPrCs]prom: Come, mister tally man, tally me banana

Biggs: Daylight come and me wan’ go home[/url]

I’ve always known you were a might makes right man. “Words are just words talking about words and never about me or anyone”

I’m interested to see if Carleas is really a person like that too.


So, which one is you?

I won’t hit your foot with a hammer. I will however send you to a planet that only has sand on it (and just you), and I will let you reflect on your bullying nature until you decide it wasn’t (nor ever will be) worth it.

Do you doubt me? Obviously, you’re mentally insane.

You often refer to dreams as your reason for lack of identity. Existence runs on “dream logic”, like when something made perfect sense in a dream and you wake up and go, “what the fuck was that?!”


Okay, you asked for it: DASEIN!!!


Now which one is you?

I’m the nice one. (Which isn’t saying much!). I’m also the boss of no one!!! My friends are death, the devil, Mara, Yama, Lucifer and Satan … like I said in that video, “I know everyone you’d send after me and they like me better than you”

You know why? Because unlike you, I’ve already sent this whole species to hell unless they create nonzero sum hyper-dimensional mirror realities attached to individual desire matrices.

I just flipped a coin and you won.

So, okay, just out of curiosity, how would one actually go about demonstrating to others that something like this is true?

You for example :-k

I’ve been to hell. Not only have I been there, you all elected to send me there.

My best advice to you: when your time comes, regret all of your memories. Every single one of them. You’ll be spared.

This is a loophole I found for beings. Like I said, I’m the nice one.

I have no interest in seeing anyone go to the hell they sent me to.

Thing is … you’ve already lost the debate.

Just shut up, regret all your memories and say thank you.

I know this sounds insane to you, but look around you… how much here is truly sane?!

You’ll have the protection and assent of my friends if you regret your memories. No regrets… bad news.

I should know, I’ve been to the bad news. I crawled my fucking way out of there. You know why demons agree with me on this? Because it satiates the hunger in them as well, to obliterate but not being able to, regretting all of your memories is not only a compromise, it’s the only rational choice.

There are many objective aspects of existence.

So, in addition to my last post, I’m going to explain a bit of it …

In a zero sum reality, when you win you lose and when you lose you lose. Under no circumstances have sex in the human species! Don’t even bother being flirtatious even though sex is out of the picture.

The rest is handled by the spirit world of which you are a part.

Parents should know that when they bring children into this world, if that child refuses to regret all of its memories, it will be sent to hell.

There’s only ONE game in existence! Eradicate zero sum consent violating realities. The rest is garbage. If you go out of your way to activate or appreciate a reality like this (say you run sex slaves or kidnap and torture people… the punishment is harsh!). If you keep a low consent violating profile and regret all your memories, you’ll be spared for this investment of your time here.

The spirit world exists whether you like it or not

I flipped the coin again and you lost. Then again and again and again. You know, just to be really, really sure. Same thing. Only this time, heads I win, tails you lose.

Now, on another thread, Mr. Reasonable suggested that, “you’re an idiot”.

I don’t think that is the case at all. I just suspect that for whatever reason your thinking process has become…impaired? But, again, that’s just a guess. It’s one possibility to explain thoughts that to me make absolutely no sense. And they certainly don’t amount to an attempt on your part to demonstrate why I and others should believe them.

Do you even believe them?

Well, when we’re on different planes of existence…

Life viewings are very easy. Then you’ll know.

That’s kinda neither here nor there.

One thing you should understand is that (by definition) nobody wants their consent violated.

Also by definition zero sum realities have one or more losers for every winner - which is also consent violation.

Thus: in the context of a zero sum consent violating reality, our wins harm people and are to be morally regretted.

I suppose it’s hard to care about these things if you haven’t actually been to hell.

If you regret it, then you harm yourself.

So, is it better to harm others or to harm yourself?