Identity/who are we?

What is going on psychologically when someone says they are English or welsh or American? What makes people different psychologically ? Is there a psychological difference between the welsh and English do you think?

If not then why bother preserving an identity that more or less falls back on war and similiar things to justify being proud of what country you are from?

As in a lot of English would say that part of what makes them English is their history of war, the 2nd world war, napolean, the viking invasions, Alfred the great and so on. But England is full of mixed race peoples now.

So unless there is something that makes people from a certain land distinctive from others in a psychological way we cant really talk about I am this or I am that I dont think.

I personally don’t think, that when I’m Bulgarian I think the same way as the other from my country. Every person is different in his own way. I can be simillar only to my family, because DNA is important in our organisms. Person grows up and learns how to live when he is with his parents. Well, that’s true, that “You become like people who you’re communing with”, but some things doesn’t change.
Talking for your example, USA citizens, for example, are people from the whole world. In 16-17-18th century big part of Europe has been moved on North and South America. I think, that real, true American citizens are American Indians and other, who have been in America for hundreds of years. Now there are people, came from Europe, living few years in America and presenting themselves as Americans. I’m nationalist and I can’t accept such thing.

Us vs. Them.

It is usually about what’s called an ingroup/outgroup bias. The bias is that people of our ingroup are better than the outgroup.

Can you think of one group of people that reports to the world that they are assholes best stayed away from? I can’t.

Most grouping is about some level of prejudice.

Meanwhile, Americans are different than just people that live in a place. It’s the case that Americans follow a certain philosophy. So, Americans would be living in America even if they were living on the moon. I suppose that that goes for many types of nations.

I (and some others I know) must descend from a different animal, then.

Adlerian asks:

Well, I don’t know that we’re a group as such, but there seems to be a lot of us in this forum… :laughing:


Religion and Physics. XXIc. Who am I ?
My personal experience.
Who am I ?
According to advice of parapsychologist Israel Levinshtein, I learned religious practice-meditation. And once, involuntary, I felt that on my brain there came vibration wave. This wave caused vibration of all neutrons of my brain. They started vibrating in the same phase, with the same frequency that the last wave. All the neutrons came to homogeneous “vacuum” state. And then I saw “myself”, my spiritual essence. i gazed and saw clean silver circle. And I initially understood that this circle is my true “I”. And this true “I” is eternal, unwounded, passionless, spiritual, conscious, evolutionary. It was so exactly, so clear, so real that then, recollecting and telling someone about it, I told him that it was “more real than I am talking to you”.
Most of all amazed me that my true “I” is passionless. Because I am an emotional person. How is that that I am passionless? And I somehow mentally asked: And what about love?" and mentally received the answer: “Way”.
When the vision of true “I” disappeared, the first thought came. And this thought drove on all the neutrons of the brain, having programmed them with one question: “how to explain it scientifically?” And I became a slave of this question. All my time was devoted to the search of the answer to this question.

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